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Yarmouth Schools is a school district in Yarmouth, Maine. The schools are: William H. Rowe School (grades K–1), Yarmouth Elementary School (grades 2–4), Harrison Middle School (grades 5–8), and the Yarmouth High School (grades 9–12). For more information for students of Yarmouth look in the student handbook (2006–2007). Mascot: Clipper Ship


Yarmouth High School

Yarmouth High School in a newly finished and renovated building consists of a 500-seat auditorium, an inviting student union/cafeteria, and a new office area that has guidance counselors, the social worker, the substance abuse counselor, the athletic director, the nurse, and the administrative officers. There were about 490 students enrolled for 2006–2007. Ninety percent of seniors go on to college and university studies. There are 52 teachers including all counselors, social workers, special educators, and technology and library specialists. Yarmouth High School has a reputation as one of the strongest high schools in the state of Maine.

During the 1986–87 school year, Yarmouth Junior-Senior High School was recognized with the Blue Ribbon School Award of Excellence by the United States Department of Education,[1] the highest award an American school can receive.[2][3] Since renamed, Yarmouth High School was recognized again as a Blue Ribbon School during the 2005–06 school year.[4]


Athletics/Extracurricular Activities

To do any athletic activity in Yarmouth schools students must obey the Honor Code (located on the bottom of the page).

Fall Sports: Cross Country, Field Hockey, Golf, Boys & Girls Soccer, Volleyball

Winter Sports Boys & Girls Basketball, Dance, Skiing, Swimming, Indoor Track, Boys Ice Hockey

Spring Sports Boys & Girls Lacrosse, Baseball, Softball, Boys & Girls Tennis, Outdoor Track, Crew

Harrison Middle School

Harrison Middle School, or more often referred to as HMS, is a great school. The are currently roughly 75 workers there. The school colors are navy blue and white.

Athletics/Extracurricular Activities

Yarmouth Elementary School


William H. Rowe School


Vision Statement

"The Yarmouth Schools are a community of lifelong learners nurturing the development of critical thinkers and involved citizens prepared to lead fulfilling lives in a changing world."

K-12 District/School goals

To promote the development of professional learning communities by June 2007:

  1. Teachers will develop and refine essential learning and assessments for units of study.
  2. Teacher teams will analyze the results of at least three unit assessments.
  3. Teacher teams will establish specific goals and plans to improve student achievement in at least one area of need discovered from their analysis of student work.


In Yarmouth students start receiving grades in the 7th grade. Grades are on a 100-point scale:

A+ 98- 100
A 95- 97
A- 93- 94
B+ 90- 92
B 87- 89
B- 85- 86
C+ 83- 84
C 80- 82
C- 78- 79
D+ 76- 77
D 72- 75
D- 70- 71
F 69- 0

Honor roll

Students must be taking at least five classes and all classes must be at a grade of 85 and above or 93 and above for high honors.


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