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Yellow Lantern
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Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
In-story information
Species Bizarro
Place of origin Bizarro World
Team affiliations Sinestro Corps
Bizarro League
Notable aliases Bizarro Green Lantern, Bizarro Hal Jordan
Abilities Qwardian power ring

Yellow Lantern is a fictional DC Comics supervillain. He is the Bizarro version of Green Lantern, created by Bizarro, the imperfect clone of Superman. He later joins the Silver Age version of Batzarro, along with bizarro versions of the founding members of the Justice League, at time being Wonder Woman, Flash, Hawkman and Aquaman.


Fictional character biography (Silver Age)

The Yellow Lantern was made by Bizarro, but is mistakenly given a yellow power ring with a green power battery. So, after his first day of action, needing to recharge, finds himself powerless. When Bizarro offers to craft a yellow power battery for him (in Bizarro World, the yellow Ring couldn't affect, neither be affected by anything green), he refuses, reasoning in Bizarro logic that if Green Lantern was known for being fearless, Yellow Lantern must be known for being fearful, and easily scared by anything. So, being the most scared being in the universe grants him the role of the most courageous hero on Bizarro World.

In the "last story" of Silver Age Superman, Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?, Bizarro World is destroyed by Bizarro, and its inhabitants slaughtered. Yellow Lantern is hinted to be one of them.


Powers and abilities

Yellow Lantern, in his first 24 hours of "life", has the same powers and abilities of a Green Lantern Corps member, only he shows a weakness to green instead to yellow. Refusing to have a suitable Power Battery made, he is left powerless, and easily scared.

Fictional character biography (Modern Age)

Bizarro World, this time a creation of Bizarro alone, returns in Modern Age continuity, due to the effects of the Infinite Crisis, along with his inhabitants.

In current continuity Yellow Lantern is once more a Bizarro creation. However, he's no longer given life by a cloning machine. Instead, due to Bizarro World now revolving around a blue sun, Bizarro himself is granted the Bizarro Vision, a blue eye beam enabling any Bizarros to generate new beings via parthenogenesis.

Furthermore, Yellow Lantern now sports the Sinestro Corps insigna on his chest. Able to spread fear among his fellow Bizarros, he's inducted in the Sinestro Corps as the Yellow Lantern of Sector 1482 (which is 2814, Hal Jordan's sector, mixed up). He's a somewhat reluctant member, preferring to stay on Bizarro World and help the Bizarro Justice League against Bizarro Luthor and Bizarro Doomsday. He is forcefully taken to Qward to take part in the Sinestro Corps War.

Powers and abilities

Yellow Lantern is a member of the Sinestro Corps, an intergalactic organization devoted to spreading fear in the universe. Thinking himself to be a hero due to his flawed Bizarro Logic, Yellow Lantern keeps the Bizarro population in check by spreading fear among his fellow Bizarros. His power ring has the same abilities as a standard Sinestro Corps power ring, including a "ripcord" able to drag the unwilling Bizarro where Sinestro needs him to be.

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