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Yo Gabba Gabba!
Yo-gabba-gabba logo.jpg
Genre Children's Television Series
Created by Christian Jacobs
Scott Schultz
Developed by Kay Wilson Stallings
Written by Christian Jacobs
Scott Schultz
Directed by Scott Schultz
Starring Lance Robertson
Country of origin  United States
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 31 (List of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Charles Rivkin
Jon Berrett
Producer(s) Justin Lyon
Running time 23-24 minutes
Original channel Nick Jr.
Original run August 20, 2007 – present
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Yo Gabba Gabba! is a children's television show currently airing on the Nick Jr. cable network in the United States and the Nick Jr. networks in the United Kingdom & Ireland, Italy and Australia as well as Treehouse TV network in Canada. Created by Christian Jacobs and Scott Schultz, the program is produced by The Magic Store and Wild Brain.

The series premiered August 20, 2007 on Nick Jr. and began broadcasting February 23, 2008 on Noggin, now Nick Jr.. It has been renewed for a second season which airs in 2008.[1]

On April 31, 2008, the series received a Daytime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Achievement in Costume Design/Styling.[2]

Some claim the title of the series is derived from the chant "Gabba Gabba Hey", first coined by punk rock band Ramones, but any similarities to the Ramones end at the title.[3]



Hosted by a character named DJ Lance Rock, the series features a mix of live-action segments featuring cartoonish costumed characters—Muno, Foofa, Brobee, Toodee and Plex--and many short animated sketches and musical numbers. "[4]

In its first two seasons, the show featured a wide variety of guests, including Jack Black, Leslie Hall, The Shins, The Aggrolites, Andy Samberg, Cornelius, Biz Markie, Shiny Toy Guns, Supernova, Mark Mothersbaugh, Rahzel, The Postmarks, Sugarland, Tony Hawk, The Roots, Low, Laila Ali, Elijah Wood, Mýa, The Salteens, Sean Kingston and series co-creator Jacobs' band, The Aquabats. In the second season guests included such bands as Enon, The Clientele, Joy Zipper, Of Montreal, Mates of State, MGMT, and The Ting Tings.

Among the varied animation sequences during the show is Super Martian Robot Girl, designed by indie cartoonists Evan Dorkin and Sarah Dyer.[5]

The show also featured regular use of visuals reminiscent of retro video games and TV shows.

The toy models of the characters that appear at the beginning and end of each show were made by Kidrobot.

MP3 demos were available from an official Yo Gabba Gabba site as early as June 2006, before a network had picked up the show.

The world premiere live concert tour of Yo Gabba Gabba took place in Australia in May 2009. DJ Lance Rock, Muno, Foofa, Brobee, Toodee and Plex performed in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney with an indie house-band and secret, special guests at each show. The concerts were produced by Australian promoter, Entertainment Store Group.

Taking Back Sunday recently filmed an episode for the upcoming season, as did "Weird Al" Yankovic, The Killers, The Roots, Weezer, and Devo.[6]


DJ Lance in his Yo Gabba Gabba! outfit posing for a photo with a young fan.
  • DJ Lance Rock - (Lance Robertson)
  • Muno - Cortney Cook / David Crespin (voiced by Adam Deibert)
  • Foofa - (voiced by Emma Jacobs)
  • Brobee - Erin and Tara Pearce (voiced by Amos Watene)
  • Toodee - Melissa Rossiter / Charme Morales (voiced by Erin Pearce)
  • Plex - Lindsay Kraus / Justin Cornwall / Amos Watene (voiced by show creator Christian Jacobs)

Alternative Voice Cast

Episodes broadcast in the UK & Ireland on Nick Jr and Channel 4 are overdubbed by a UK English-accented cast, including

Regular segments

  • Mark's Magic Pictures, featuring Mark Mothersbaugh, drawing simple pictures that often come alive at the end of the segment.
  • Biz's Beat of the Day, starring Biz Markie, demonstrating new beatboxing beats
  • The Super Music Friends Show, featuring musical guests
  • Dancey Dance Time, featuring celebrity guests (which Plex brings down to Gabbaland using his special ray) performing dance moves with the characters
  • Cool Tricks, in which a child or adult demonstrates a special talent (i.e.gymnastics, breakdancing, playing a theremin or cup stacking)
  • Storytime, where a child narrates a story (i.e. Goon Fishin, Goodnight Moon')
  • Super Martian Robot Girl, featuring a helpful comic book-style superhero battling crime.
  • Learn with Plex, in which Plex teaches basic daily skills like brushing your teeth, going to the bathroom, getting changed, and etc. (saying how they are fun) in songs, using four repeated steps. (It should be noted that each character's solo segment only appears in Season 1.)
  • Play Pretend with Muno, in which Muno encourages viewers to pretend along with him, as he imagines himself as various creatures and objects.
  • Listen with Toodee, in which Toodee listens to sounds and she encourages the viewer to help her identify them.
  • Color with Brobee, in which the viewer guesses what color Brobee is thinking of by the examples he gives.
  • Play Games with Foofa, in which Foofa solves simple puzzles, such as mind benders, and she encourages the viewer to help her find the solution.
  • DJ Lance Dance, in which DJ Lance Rock teaches the viewers a different dance.
  • Funny Faces, in which DJ Lance Rock encourages viewers to make funny faces.
  • Knock-Knock Joke of the Day, a segment where Jack McBrayer and Paul Scheer tell knock-knock jokes. This segment first appeared in season 2.
  • Look Back At Today, each episode ends with a music video recap of the episode, featuring awesome effects, and every song featured in that episode. (Season 2 has DJ Lance remembering the things he and the gang did in that episode before the music video starts.)
  • Jingles, animated music videos featuring music by a guest musician and animation by guest artists, designers, and animators.
  • Remix, in which DJ. Lance Rock says "let's remember what we did today," followed by a recap of songs and videos from the episode remixed often by a guest DJ.


ABC Kids, Nick Jr. (Foxtel and Austar - Pay TV)
Treehouse TV
Latin America
Playhouse Disney Channel
United States
Nick Jr., HBO Family, Playhouse Disney
United Kingdom & Ireland
Nick Jr., Channel 4
The Netherlands
Jetix Play
Nickelodeon South East Asia (As part of the Nick Jr. line up as there is no separate Nick Jr. channel in the region)
Nick Jr.
New Zealand
Channel 2 (TV2), Nick Jr. (Sky TV; Pay TV)


DVD Airdate Episodes
Germs December 11, 2009 Scary


  • DJ Lance - A male DJ with an Inhabitat of Gabbaland case, also a narrator and a friend.
  • Muno - A male red one-eyed cyclops who's friendly and first appeared in the episode "Play". He's the tallest and is somewhat clumsy (which in one case, was much to Toodee's chagrin) and he has a close bond with Foofa. He is also the band's guitarist. In the episode "Family" his family makes an appearance.
  • Foofa - A female flower bubble character who's pink and happy and first appeared in the episode "Play". She loves rainbows and unicorns and can play the tambourine.
  • Brobee - A little male green monster character who first appeared in the episode "Play". He is curious and in one episode, he is tired of being short. Plex accidentally makes Brobee DJ Lance-size and Brobee soon finds that being big isn't very fun for him. He is the drummer for the Gabba band. He is also, apart from Gooble, the only character who is able to frown.
  • Toodee - A blue female cat-dragon character who likes to have fun; she first appeared in the episode "Play". She has a close bond with Brobee and plays the bass guitar for the Gabba band.
  • Plex - A yellow male robot fellow who first appeared in the episode "Play". He is really smart and usually gives the lessons to his friends and is a fatherly-figure to the gang. He can play the keytar.
  • Gooble - An unhappy creature similar to Muno who first appeared in the episode "Happy" for the Super Music Friends Show. He cries all of the time.
  • Foofle - A blue character who was first introduced in the episode "Mystery" as Foofa's older brother. He is an avid surfer and spends most of his time at a beach.

One time characters

  • Muno's Parents - Muno's parents now appear in the episode "Family". His father likes computers and cowboy movies. His mother likes dogs and Chinese noodles which is maybe why Muno likes noodles. Muno's father is darker red than Muno but has a mustache and a hat. His mother has blue hair and no bumps (same as the other girls in Muno's family).
  • Cheebo - Muno's older sister who likes school and baby owls since they are cute. She is pink and wears a blue winter hat. She looks like her mom because she has no bumps.
  • GoGo - Muno's baby brother. He is almost a younger version of Muno because he has Muno's bumps and is orange. GoGo likes being happy and is almost always seen in his carriage.
  • Kemba - A female DJ who is DJ Lance's younger sister that appears in the episode "Family". She wears orange like DJ Lance and likes the Super Music Friends Show.


Pilots: 2006

# Title Airdate Guests Remix Jingle[7]
Short Story January 1, 2006 Biz Markie
Paul Frank's Julius The Monkey dances with cast
Digital Unicorn "Please, Thank You" by Parker Jacobs
Music by Chad VanGaalen
Play December 30, 2006 Biz Markie
Ashley 1st
Lance Robertson Music by Chad VanGaalen
"La La Doodles" by Lifelong Friendship Society

Season 1 : August 20, 2007-September 21, 2008

# Title[8][9] Airdate Guests Remix Jingle Story Time
Eat August 20, 2007 Elijah Wood - "The Puppet Master"[10] (Dancey Dance - "The Puppet Master")
Mark Mothersbaugh (Mark's Magic Pictures)
Digital Unicorn
"Be Nice To Animals"
Animation by Kangaroo Alliance
Music Performed by The Salteens
"Goon Fishin"
Animation by Parker Jacobs and Kris Boban
Music by Parker Jacobs and Gail Hill
Summer (similar to "Swim") August 21, 2007 The Aquabats - "Pool Party!"
(Super Music Friends Show)
Adrian Turner (Cool Tricks - Cup stacking)
Broken Spindles
"This Is What The Summer Brings"
Animation by Joel Trussell
Music Performed by Tony Goddess & The Silver Lining
Super Martian Robot Girl
"Jumbo Shrimp"
Fun August 22, 2007 The Aggrolites - "Banana"
(Super Music Friends Show)
Kirsten Dorn (Cool Tricks - Gymnastics)
Sukho Lee
Animation by Lori D
Music Performed by Paco
"Toot Your Own Horn"
Animation by Parker Jacobs and Kris Boban
Music by Parker Jacobs
Dance August 23, 2007 Héctor Jiménez (Dancey Dance)
Yuko Araki (Drums)
John and Sean Scott
(Cool Tricks - Tap dancing)
Ricky Fitness
"Dancin' Fun"
Animation by Hobo Divine
Music Performed by Sizzle Me This
Super Martian Robot Girl
"Dance Party"
Sleep August 27, 2007 Smoosh - "Pajama Party Time"
(Super Music Friends Show)
Mark Mothersbaugh (Mark's Magic Pictures)
DJ Nobody
There is an animated character that appears in the characters dreams
"Bedtime Lullabye"
Animation by Lippy
Music Performed by Mark Kozelek
Moochy and Pooty
"Monster Truck"
Music by Scott Bucsis
Happy August 28, 2007 The Salteens and Gooble- "I'm So Happy I Can Dance"
(Super Music Friends Show)
Mark Mothersbaugh (Mark's Magic Pictures)
Sukho Lee (Cool Tricks; playing a theremin)
Adventure Time
"Kites Are Fun"
Animation by Nick Cross
Music Performed by The Parallelograms
(Originally by The Free Design)
Super Martian Robot Girl
"Where's My Mama?"
Friends August 29, 2007 Mýa (Dancey Dance - "Peanut Butter Stomp")
Mark Mothersbaugh (Mark's Magic Pictures)
Marshall Hough
(Cool Tricks- Hanging a spoon from his nose)
Otis Fodder
Animation by The Unibros
Music Performed by The Aquabats
"Faldarz and the Yellow Alien"
by The Brothers Chaps
Careful August 30, 2007 Supernova - "Up & Down"
(Super Music Friends Show)
Biz Markie (Biz's Beat of the Day)
Evan Wasser (Counting Segment: "Skatin'")
Frequent Flyer
feat. Ricky Fitness
"Family Tree"
Animation by Mumbleboy
Music performed by Low
Moochy and Pooty
"Gettin' Messy"
Counting Segment: Skatin'
Animated and directed by Scott Windes
Move September 24, 2007 Tony Hawk (Dancey Dance)
Ricky Fitness (Drums)
Venom Break Dancers (Cool Tricks)
Weird Science
"Pick It Up" by Parker Jacobs
Animation by Willy Heartland and Craig Patches
Music Performed by GOGO13 featuring Alex Desert of Hepcat
"Bruce The Moose"
Animated by Wild Brain
Greetings September 25, 2007 The Wolfgramms - "YGG Medley"
(Super Music Friends Show)
Biz Markie (Biz's Beat of the Day)
La Casa Azul
"Hello, Goodbye"
Animation by Aaron Stewart
Music performed by I'kona
"Please, Thank You"
by Parker Jacobs
Music by GOGO13
Animation by Tyler Jacobs
Super Martian Robot Girl
"Do You Like My Haircut?"
Together September 26, 2007 Nikki Flores (Dancey Dance)
Mark Mothersbaugh (Mark's Magic Pictures)
Mark DeNardo
"Love Every Living Thing"
Animation by Joel Trussell
Music performed by Call Sound Call Noise
Super Martian Robot Girl
"Dance of the Cobra Man"
Scary September 27, 2007 Leslie Hall, DJ Dr. Laura and the Junior Gems (Dancey Dance)
Mark Mothersbaugh (Mark's Magic Pictures)
Adam Deibert (Cool Tricks - Playing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star with his hands)
Turbo Funky
Animation by Ben Jones and Jacob Ciocci of Paper Rad
Music performed by Frequent Flyer
Halloween October 29, 2007 Shiny Toy Guns
(aka "The Shinys")
Rebecca Gallo (Cool Tricks - Taekwondo)
DJ Sifa
"It's Halloween"
Animation by Kluncklick
Music performed by I Monster with vocals by Philly
Super Martian Robot Girl
"Be Good Big Kitty"
Car November 26, 2007
Biz Markie (Biz's Beat of the Day)
Sugarland (Dancey Dance)
Ian Fowles from The Aquabats & Jodey Lawrence from Supernova (Cool Tricks - Playing Guitar)
Mouse on Mars
"Look Both Ways"
Animation by Arthur Jones
Music by The Aggrolites
"Naughty Gordie" by Kristin Arnold
Animated by Parker Jacobs and Kris Boban
Share November 27, 2007 Cornelius "Count Five or Six"
(Super Music Friends Show)
Ann Shenton
"Sometimes You Win"
Designed and Directed, and Animated by Justin Fines @ DEMO

Music performed by Dean and Britta
Super Martian Robot Girl "Sounds of the Dolphin"
Find November 28, 2007
Sean Kingston (Dancey Dance)
Mark Mothersbaugh (Mark's Magic Pictures)
Rahzel (Cool Tricks - Beatboxing)
"Hey, Won't Somebody Come and Play"
Animation by Jesse Ledoux and PUNY Music
Performed by The Little Ones
Super Martian Robot Girl "Funny Bunny"
Train November 29, 2007
Laila Ali (Dancey Dance)
Biz Markie (Biz's Beat of the Day)
"Train Ride"
Animation by PandaPanther
Music performed by Tahiti 80
Moochy and Pooty
"Up Down"
Christmas December 21, 2007 (premiere)
December 25, 2007

The Snow Princess (Dancey Dance)
Mark Mothersbaugh (Mark's Magic Pictures)
Mike Relm
"Christmas Time"
Animation by Agency Collective
Music performed by Jason Lytle
"Santa's Helpers"
by Parker Jacobs; Illustrated by Wildbrain
Love February 14, 2008
The Postmarks (Super Music Friends Show)
Mark Mothersbaugh (Mark's Magic Pictures)
Alex Knost (Counting Segment: "Surfing")
The Salteens
Designed by Chris McD
"I Found Love"
Animation by Bran Dougherty-Johnson
Music performed by Trembling Blue Stars
(Originally by The Free Design)
Animation by Kangaroo Alliance
Narrated by Penelope Jacobs
Counting Segment: Surfing
Written by Tiffany and Thomas Campbell
Music by Frequent Flyer
Imagine[11] May 23, 2008
The Shins (Super Music Friends Show)
Mark Mothersbaugh (Mark's Magic Pictures)
Alex Knost (Counting Segment: "Surfing, Part 2")
"Some Things Are Big, Some Things Are Small"
Animation by Christopher Palazzo
Music performed by Jason Falkner
Charlie C
Written by Shanna Jacobs
Animation by Joel Trussell

Counting Segment:
Surfing, Part 2

Written by Tiffany and Thomas Campbell
Directed and photographed by Thomas Campbell

Season 2 : September 22, 2008 - February 1, 2010

# Title Airdate Guests Remix Jingle Story Time
Birthday September 22, 2008 Biz Markie (Biz's Beat of the Day)
Melora Hardin (Dancey Dance)
Parker Jacobs (Cool Tricks - Baking special birthday cakes)
The Ting Tings "Happy Birthday" (Super Music Friends Show)
Mark Mothersbaugh (appears during Brobee's birthday party)
Tyger Ryder "Birthday Song"
Animation by CUPCO!
Music Performed by Tyger Ryder
Games September 23, 2008 Mark Mothersbaugh (Mark's Magic Pictures)
Jaclyn Parls Jacobs (Cool Tricks - Playing the recorder through her nose)
Mates of State "No One Wants To Be Left Out" (Super Music Friends Show)
Mark Denardo "Come & Play"
Animation by Merijn Hos & Jurriaan Hos
Music Performed by The Clientele
"Bayou Boat Race"
Animation by I am 8-bit
Talent September 24, 2008 Mark Mothersbaugh (Mark's Magic Pictures)
Hot Hot Heat "Time To Go Outdoors" (Super Music Friends Show)
Biz Markie (Biz's Beat of the Day)
Amar'e Stoudemire (Dancey Dance/playing basketball)
Logan Knight (Cool Tricks - the belly roll)
The Parallelograms "What Are Your Talents?"
Directed by Kristofer Ström
Animation by Eric Buchholtz, Viggo Mörck, and Nicolas Wakeham (producer)
Music Performed by Joy Zipper
Animals September 25, 2008 Jack McBrayer and Paul Scheer (Knock-Knock Joke of the Day - "Interrupting Cow")
Jimmy Eat World "Beautiful Day" (Super Music Friends Show)
Tommie Sunshine "Animal Sounds"
Animation by Overture
Music Performed by The Aggrolites
"Cammy, Jenny, & Slater"
Directed by Chris Eliopoulo
Animation by Nate Miller
Written by Tiffany Campbell
Numbers Segment: "Counting Birds"
Directed by Joel Fox and Christian Jacobs
Weather October 20, 2008 Jack McBrayer and Paul Scheer (Knock-Knock Joke of the Day - "Can I Come in?")
Paul Williams "Rainbow Connection" (Super Music Friends Show)
Tyger Ryder "I Love The Rain"
Animation by Andreas Nilsson
Music Performed by Frequent Flyer
"Water Drops & Oil"
Directed by King Mini
Animation by PUNY
Numbers - A Day In The Park
Directed by Scott Schultz, produced by Nate Rogers
Differences October 21, 2008 I'm From Barcelona "Just Because It's Different Doesn't Mean It's Scary" (Super Music Friends Show)
Mark Mothersbaugh (Mark's Magic Pictures - Drawing a carrot)
With guest star Leslie Hall
Guilie Milkyway "Glasses"
Animation by Augenblick Studios Inc
Music Performed by I'Kona
"Argyle the Octopus"
Written and directed by Colt Bowden
Animation by Keri Rainock
Narration by Ollie Shultz
Numbers - Love Me
Produced by Nate Rogers
Robot October 22, 2008 Mark Mothersbaugh (Mark's Magic Pictures)
Rhys Darby (Cool Tricks - Pretending to be a Robot)
Money Mark "Robodancing" (Super Music Friends Show)
Blake Miller "We Are The Robots"
Animation by Mixtape Club
Music Performed by Enon
"Prof. Whizbang and Robot Planet"
Directed by Nawoki and Yoshiko Karasawa
Animation by Asahi Production Co.
Narrated by Brandt Bucher
Teeth October 23, 2008 Mark Mothersbaugh (Mark's Magic Pictures; drawing a tooth)
Amy Sedaris (Tooth fairy)
Datarock "Smile For The Camera" (Super Music Friends Show)
Shannon Edwards and Strawberry the donkey (Cool Tricks - Making Strawberry smile)
Twink "Brush Brush Brush"
Animation by Kangaroo Alliance
Music Performed by of Montreal
"The Alligator & the Tiny Ugly Cavities"
Directed by Parker Jacobs
Animation by PUNY
Clean February 27, 2009 Ahmir "Questlove" Thompson and Frankie "Knuckles" Walker of The Roots- playing snare drums and percussion
Chromeo "Nice 'n' Clean" (Super Music Friends Show)
Rachel Dratch (Dancey Dance Time - "The Groovy Cat")
Tyger Ryder featuring DJ Game Kid "Cover Your Mouth"
Animation by Augenblick Studios
Music Performed by The Bird and the Bee
Numbers: "Happy Computer"
Directed by Christian Jacobs and Joel Fox
New Friends April 3, 2009 Jack Black (singing "It's Not Fun to Get Lost", "Friends" and "Goodbye Song") (Dancey Dance Time - "The Disco Roll") and Rob Schrab (voice of Jack Black's mini-bike)
The Yo-Dazzlers "You Can't Always Get What You Want" (Super Music Friends Show)
Jack McBrayer & Paul Scheer (Knock-Knock Joke of the Day - "Cargo")
Cowboy Fleuesmith featuring Tyger Ryder "In a Safe Land"
Animation by Tanya Haden
Music by Tanya Haden and Petra Haden "
Green April 22, 2009 Mark Mothersbaugh (Mark's Magic Pictures)
Sal Masekela "Hello World" (Super Music Friends Show)
"Fruit Song"
Animation by Buddy System Studios
Directed by John Harvatine IV
Music by YMCK
"Coudie The Cloud"
Animation by Augenblick Studios
Family October 12, 2009 Biz Markie (Biz's Beat of the Day)
Kemba Russell (DJ Lance Rock's sister)
The Roots "Lovely, Love My Family" (Super Music Friends Show)
Emilee Ann, Jakob and Jeremy Keppelmann (Cool Tricks - playing music together as a family)
Mark Mothersbaugh
Mark Denardo "That's My Family"
Animation by Joel Trussell
Music by Apples in Stereo
Art October 13, 2009 Andy Samberg(Dancey Dance)
Mark Mothersbaugh (Mark's Magic Pictures)
Ray Barbee(Cool Trick)
MGMT “Art is Everywhere” (Super Music Friends Show)
Boat October 14, 2009 Mark Mothersbaugh (Mark's Magic Pictures)
Reeve Oliver “I Like Sandwiches” (Super Music Friends Show)"In the Ocean" (Mason Jennings)
Band October 15, 2009 Biz Markie (Biz's Beat of the Day)
Lady Tigra "When I Hear Music" (Super Music Friends Show)
"Patience" "Ollie The Musician"
Dress Up October 16, 2009 Mark Mothersbaugh (Mark's Magic Pictures)
The Little Ones “Let's Dress Up" (Super Music Friends Show)
Big October 16, 2009 Mark Mothersbaugh (Mark's Magic Pictures)
Gumpelstiltskin (Cool Tricks)
Jem & The Yo Dazzlers (Super Music Friends Show)
Rafter "Grow"
Animation by Darin Bendall
Music by Rafter
"Sprinkles & The Bake Off"
Animation by Sean Dicken and Gooby Herms
Written & Directed by Evan Dorkin and Sarah Dyer
Narration by Alex Arnold
Mystery February 1, 2010 (Un-aired in USA) Biz Markie (Biz's Beat of the Day)
Jack McBrayer & Paul Scheer (Knock-Knock Joke of the Day)
Ladytron (Super Music Friends Show)
Ursula 1000 "Some Things Are A Mystery"
Animation by PUNY
Music by Autolux
Space February 8, 2010 (Un-aired in USA) Biz Markie (Biz's Beat of the Day)
Jack McBrayer & Paul Scheer (Knock-Knock Joke of the Day-Cindy)

The Killers (Spaceship Adventure)
Enon (Super Music Friends Show)

Clownma "Deep in Space"
Animation by Widlbrain
Director Unknown
"Space Man Sam"
Animation by 394
Ride Un-aired in the USA
Available on DVD

Season 3 : March 8, 2010 - present

Currently in Post Production

# Title Airdate Guests Remix Jingle Story Time
41 Circus March 8, 2010 The Killers
"Weird Al" Yankovic
Sarah Silverman (Dancey Dance)
Mark Mothersbaugh (Mark's Magic Pictures)
Jack McBrayer & Paul Scheer (Knock-Knock Joke of the Day)
Black Kids(Super Music Friends Show)
42 Bugs March 9, 2010 Weezer Travis Barker TBA TBA
43 Doctor March 10, 2010 Anthony Bourdain
of Montreal
TBA Swound! TBA
44 Superhero March 11, 2010 Mos Def
The Aquabats

Critical reception

Nominated for a Daytime Emmy in both 2008 and 2009 for Best Costume Design.

Time magazine's James Poniewozik named Yo Gabba Gabba! one of the Top 10 new TV series of 2007, ranking it at #8.[12]

In November 2008, Yo Gabba Gabba! won a BAFTA Children's Award, International.[13]

The show has also become popular among some college age students because of the independent artists often featured.[14]


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Simple English

Yo Gabba Gabba! is a children's television program. It is shown on Nick Junior, on the Nickelodeon network. The program is about a colourful D.J. named DJ Lance Rock, and 5 toy monsters, who live in Gabbaland. In every program a band plays music. Most of the bands are famous indie rock acts, like for instance Arcade Fire and Enon.

The series was first shown on August 20, 2007 on Nick Jr. and began being shown February 23, 2008 on Noggin. A second series was shown in 2008.[1]


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