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Yoko Asakawa is a fictional character in Koji Suzuki's novel Ring, published in 1991. She is the one-year old daughter of Kazuyuki Asakawa and Shizu Asakawa.

Other incarnations

Asakawa is better known in the male guise of Yoichi Asakawa, portrayed by Rikiya Otaka in the 1998 film adaptation. Apart from sex, Yoichi differs from Yoko because:

  • Rather than having married parents, he has divorced parents.
  • Rather than being one, he is seven years old.
  • He appears more often than her, especially in the scene when he watches The Cursed Videotape.
  • Time of viewing the film has changed.
  • Tomoko is his cousin by blood, rather than by marriage.
  • Aidan Keller, in the 2002 American remake of the 1998 Japanese film, is the son of single-mother Rachel Keller.
  • Hong Booram, in the 1999 South Korean remake of the 1998 Japanese film, is the daughter of single-mother Sun-joo Hong.


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