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Yone Minagawa
Born 4 January 1893
Akaike, Fukuoka,
Died 13 August 2007
(aged 114 years 221 days)
Fukuchi, Fukuoka,
Known for Oldest living person in the world (29 January 2007 – 13 August 2007)

Yone Minagawa (皆川 ヨ子 Minagawa Yone?) (4 January 1893 – 13 August 2007) was a Japanese supercentenarian believed to have been the world's oldest living person from 29 January 2007 until her death of old age, aged 114 years 221 days. Although the previous holder of the title, Emma Tillman, on 28 January 2007 around 10:10 PM EST time, it was already well into 29 January in Japan at that time.

After her husband died, she raised her five children by selling flowers and vegetables at a coal mine.

Minagawa lived alone in the Momochi apartment building in Nishijin Sawara Ward, Fukuoka, near Seinan Gakuin University, until 2005, when she moved to Keijuen, a special nursing home in her native Akaike. Minagawa enjoyed playing the shamisen. Even at 114 she participated in club activities in a wheelchair and "danced" along to music.

Minagawa became the oldest living person in Japan when then 114-year-old Ura Koyama died in April 2005. With the death of 114-year-old American Emma Tillman on 28 January 2007, Minagawa became the oldest living person in the world. Minagawa was 114 years 25 days at the time (being the next day in Japan relative to the USA).[1]

At the time of her ascension, Minagawa was the youngest person to hold this title since Carrie C. White was the same age on December 13, 1988, or (for those who doubt the authenticity of White's claim) since Jeanne Calment was 114 years and 25 days old on March 18, 1989.

Minagawa died on 13 August 2007 at the age of 114 years 221 days. All but one of her children died before her, but she left six grandchildren, twelve great-grandchildren and two great-great-grandchildren. With her death, another 114-year-old, Edna Parker of the United States, became the oldest living person.

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Preceded by
Emma Tillman
Oldest recognized living person
29 January 2007 – 13 August 2007
Succeeded by
Edna Parker


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Yone Minagawa (January 4, 1893August 13, 2007) was a Japanese supercentenarian and the world's oldest living person[1] between January 29, 2007, and Minagawa's death at age 114 years 221 days.

Minagawa became Japan's oldest person in 2005, following the death of 114-year-old Ura Koyama. With the death of 114-year-old Emma Tillman on January 29, 2007, Minagawa became the world's oldest living person. She was 114 years 25 days old at the time. Following her death, then 114-year-old Edna Parker became the new world's oldest living person.


Preceded by
Emma Tillman
Oldest Recognized Living Person
January 29, 2007August 13, 2007
Succeeded by
Edna Parker


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