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You Wish!
Approx. run time 100 minutes
Written by Jackie French Koller
Christopher Reed
Cynthia Carle
Directed by Paul Hoen
Produced by Robert Florio
Starring A.J. Trauth
Spencer Breslin
Tim Reid
Music by Richard Marvin
Language English
Original channel Disney Channel
Release date January 10, 2003 (2003-01-10)

You Wish! is a 2003 Disney Channel Original Movie, based on Jackie French Koller's 1991 novel If I Had One Wish. The film was directed by Paul Hoen; it stars A.J. Trauth, Spencer Breslin, Lalaine and Tim Reid. It was released on January 10, 2003, on the Disney Channel.



Alex Lansing's (A.J. Trauth) little brother Stevie (Spencer Breslin) is always getting him in trouble. One day Stevie is given a supposedly magic wishing coin for doing a good deed, he then gives it to Alex, telling him to use it instead. After he gets Alex in trouble, Alex uses it to wish that he no longer had a little brother; to his horror, it comes true.

The change was a shock to Alex. He woke up in a totally different environment the day after he made the wish. Much to his surprise, he finds that he is an only child and Stevie has become Terrence Russell McCormack, a young successful TV star on a show oddly enough called “Where’s Stevie”. After Alex's wish becomes a reality, he initially likes the life that he is presented with. Without Stevie, he finds he is the most popular boy at school, and that he’s a football star dating the head cheerleader.

Although everything is seemingly perfect in this life, he soon realizes that he’d rather have his old life back. He learns that his two best friends, James and Abby (Lalaine), aren’t friends with him, and in fact, carry a strong hatred for him. His girlfriend and his football buddies aren’t the type of people he’d hang out with, and his brother Stevie, who is now Terrence, is trapped in a difficult and lonely life as a child star. Even the shop owner of the coin shop he frequently visited in his former life had given up his business because of an accident in the mall, which his brother would’ve prevented, had he existed.

In efforts to reclaim his old life, he manages to sneak onto the set of Terrence’s (Stevie’s) show to talk to the person he knew as his brother. He tells Terrence of their past life where they’re brothers, and like any other person hearing the news, he threw Alex out.

His chances of changing the alternative reality were slim, until Terrence changes his mind about talking to Alex. The idea of them being brothers still seems absurd, but Terrence would rather hang out with Alex because he is so lonely. Seeing Alex walking on the street later, Terrence gets his driver to let him walk with him. The two escape his driver, and both decide to find the magic coin that enabled his wish to come true. Alex managed to convince Terrence and also Abby that his wish had come true and he’d entered an alternate dimension.

The three of them seek out the shop owner who had given Stevie the magic coin in question. Even with the help of Terrence and Abby, he fails to find the coin and ultimately feels dejected. Because the shop owner had closed down his store, he had sold his collection of coins and didn’t have it anymore. They leave disappointed and the three go back to their lives in the alternate reality.

When they return, Terrence and Alex are arrested by the police, and they must return the young star back to his life. At Alex’s house, Terrence talks to his mother on the phone and tells her that it had been the best day of his life. Much to his dismay, he learns that his mother had just married again. When Terrence finally leaves, he shares a brotherly hug with Alex and they both know that the day’s exploits are over.

The following day Alex is depressed and even his father’s gift of old coins cannot bring up his spirits. He throws the coin box across the room and glimpses down to find the magic coin he’d been looking for. “This is it!” he yells, which prompts his parents to freak out and demand that he open the door. In midst of all the yelling from his parents, he gladly reverses his first wish and returns back to his life. Although time rewinds for him, he still remembers everything.

Grateful to be back, he runs and hugs Stevie, telling him how glad he is to have him in his life. Then, he proceeds to ask Abby out before he and his friends and family go in for pancakes, and all is good in Alex’s world. Later, its shown that Abby and Alex try to teach Stevie to skate while the shop owner ended up buying the dog Alex had wanted and had in the alternate reality. Stevie ends up using the coin to wish himself able to skate and joins Alex and his friends.



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