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You Wish
Format Sitcom/Fantasy
Created by Susan Estelle Jansen
Stephen Sustarsic
Starring John Ales
Harley Jane Kozak
Jerry Van Dyke
Alex McKenna
Nathan Lawrence
Country of origin  United States
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 13
Running time 22 minutes
Original channel ABC
Original run September 26, 1997 – June 23, 1998

You Wish is an American sitcom that premiered on September 26, 1997. It started as part of ABC's TGIF programming on Friday nights for the fall of 1997, along with Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, Boy Meets World, and Teen Angel.

Just as Sabrina, the Teenage Witch was considered a 1990s version of Bewitched, You Wish was a 1990s version of I Dream of Jeannie. In this situation, a genie lives with a family, instead of a single man.

In the show's pilot episode, Gillian Apple (Harley Jane Kozak) and her two children, Mickey Apple (Alex McKenna) and Travis Apple (Nathan Lawrence) visit a rug shop where they meet the owner, Madman Mustafa (John Rhys-Davies). There they buy a rug, where they unexpectedly release a genie (John Ales), who has been imprisoned for 2,000 years. The genie's name is simply "Genie", although in the first episode Gillian refers to him as "Steve from Canoga Park," an alias he later uses. Jerry Van Dyke was introduced to the show in the third episode as Genie's Grandpa Max.


Although the series made a total of 13 episodes, it was taken off after the 7th episode, "Genie Without a Cause." This episode, which aired on November 7, 1997, was part of a night-long TGIF retro crossover, which started with Sabrina. Sabrina invented a time ball, which Salem swallowed and caused the time period to be the 1960s. Salem then crossed over to Boy Meets World, turning it into the 1940s, then this series to the 1950s and then to Teen Angel to the 1970s.


After the series was withdrawn from the TGIF lineup, reruns of Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (mainly from the previous season) took the show's spot. The remaining 5 unaired episodes of the series were shown in May and June 1998; these episodes were aired after the season finales of Sabrina and Boy Meets World.

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