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The New Left Current (Greek: Νέο Αριστερό Ρεύμα, ΝΑΡ, Neo Aristero Revma) (NAR) was formed in late 1989, mainly by former Communist Youth of Greece (KNE) members. After the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) joined New Democracy party in a government coalition after the June 1989 elections, the KNE suffered substantial drop in membership loss as members disagreed with the policy of the parent party KKE had.

The NAR participated in the 1990 elections as "Neo Aristero Revma - Laiki Antipoliteusi" (Νέο Αριστερό Ρεύμα - Λαϊκή Αντιπολίτευση) and got 14,365 votes (0,22%). A critical figure at this early stage was Kostas Kappos, former member of the KKE and parliamentary representative.

In 1993 the NAR joined the Left Struggle political coalition along with the Revolutionary Communist Movement of Greece (EKKE), Communist Party of Greece (Marxist-Leninist), Workers Revolutionary Party (EEK). The coalition received 8,160 votes in 1993 and 10,443 votes in the 1996 general elections.

Since 1999, the NAR, EKKE, EEK and the Independent Communist Organization of Serres (AKOS) have formed the Radical Left Front (MERA).

In the early years, the youth wing of the NAR was still named the KNE, as even the general secretary of KNE, Giorgos Grapsas, and most of its politburo had joined NAR, but in the mid-1990s, it changed its name to the Youth of Communist Liberation ((Νεολαία Κομμουνιστική Απελευθέρωση, Neolaia Kommunistiki Apeleftherosi).

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