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Coordinates: 55°56′N 37°51′E / 55.933°N 37.85°E / 55.933; 37.85

Coat of arms of Yubileyny

Yubileyny (Russian: Юбиле́йный) is a town in Moscow Oblast, Russia, located 7 kilometers (4 mi) north-east of Moscow Ring Road by Yaroslavl Highway, on the Klyazma River.[1] Population: 32,300 (2008 est.); 30,837 (2002 Census).[2] Area: 0.3 square kilometers (0.1 sq mi).[1]


The modern town is located in an area where several villages stood in the past. Most of the modern town lands belonged to the Sheremetyevs, who bequeathed it to the Odoyevskys. The first mention of Bolshevo as a place that belonged to the Odoyevskys dates back to 1585. Another village whose territory is now partially within the modern town limits was Maksimkovo, which was first mentioned in 1618 as the property of the Lvovs family. Finally, the village of Lapino-Spasskoye, owned by boyar M. Godunov, was first mentioned in 1617.[1]

In the 19th century, two railway lines were built in this region. These lines still exist and define the southern and the eastern boundaries of the modern town.[1]

In September 1939, Moscow Military Engineering College was opened in Bolshevo. In 1946, the college was moved to Leningrad, and 4th Scientific Research Institute of the Ministry of Defense of the USSR was opened instead. The institute played an important role in developing the Soviet rocket and space technology. In 1972, 50th Tikhonravov Central Scientific Research of the Aerospace Forces opened here.[1]

In the 1950s–1960s, two closed military communities were formed in this area. The communities grew and developed a limited civil infrastructure. By the 1970, a third military community was established, and the civil infrastructure developed and improved.[1] On November 24, 1972, a closed work settlement of Bolshevo-1 (Болшево-1), serving the troop unit #25840, was established.[3]

In 1989, Bolshevo-1 was opened up, and on May 25, 1992, it was granted town status and renamed Yubileyny.[3] Former military communities became residential microdistricts.[1]

As Yubileyny grew, the nearby city of Korolyov also developed dynamically. Presently, with an exception of a 179-meter (590 ft) segment of a border with the Yaroslavl Highway, Yubileyny is completely surrounded by the territory of Korolyov.[4] This segment constitutes the northern border of a ribbon-shaped area of land that was annexed by the town with the sole purpose of establishing a border with an entity other than Korolyov.[5]



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