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Yugoslavian Radio Television (Jugoslavenska radiotelevizija or Jugoslovenska radio-televizija, JRT) was the national public broadcasting service of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (now former), an association consisting of the subnational radio and tv centers based in the each of the constituent countries of the Yugoslav federation:

It also included the broadcasters of the constituent autonomous areas:

JRT was one of the founding members of the European Broadcasting Union and the SFR Yugoslavia was the only socialist country among its founding members. Among other activities, it organized the Yugoslavian Contest for the Eurovision Song Contest and broadcast both of events for the Yugoslav audience.

JRT TV Programs:

  • 1956. Zagreb 1
  • 1957. Ljubljana 1
  • 1958. Beograd 1
  • 1964. Skoplje 1
  • 1969. Sarajevo 1
  • 1970. Ljubljana 2
  • 1971. Koper- Capodistria
  • 1971. Titograd
  • 1972. Beograd 2
  • 1972. Zagreb 2
  • 1975. Novi Sad
  • 1975. Pristina
  • 1977. Sarajevo 2
  • 1978. Skoplje 2
  • 1986. Zagreb 3
  • 1989. Beograd 3
  • 1989. Novi Sad 2
  • 1989. Sarajevo 3

During the breakup of SFR Yugoslavia, many of its former federal units proclaimed themselves independent states, upgrading the once subnational broadcasting centers based in their capitals to national, but with altered names: for example, RTV Zagreb became Croatian Radio Television (HRT) and so on.

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