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Korean name
Hangul 유자차
Hanja 柚子
Revised Romanization Yujacha

Yujacha (also spelled yuja cha) is a Korean traditional tea made from thinly sliced yuja (hangul: 유자, in Korean) with its peel and combined with honey or sugar. A tablespoon of yucheong (유청, thick syrup-like yuja) stirred into a cup of usually hot water makes a beverage. The color is yellow and its form looks like marmalade. The yuja fruit itself is flavorful while it has a sour and bitter taste at the same time, so Korean people make it preserved and sweetened for making tea. Yujacha can either be made at home or purchased in glass jars. Yujacha is used as a herbal remedy for the common cold and similar winter illnesses.



  • 600 grams of citrons
  • 500 grams of sugar
  • Some pine nuts


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