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Korean name
Hangul 육회
Revised Romanization Yukhoe
McCune–Reischauer Yukhoe

Yukhoe refers to a variety of hoe, raw dishes in Korean cuisine which are usually made from raw ground beef seasoned with various spices or sauces. The beef part used for yukhoe is tender rump steak.[1] For the seasoning, soy sauce, sugar, salt, sesame oil, scallion, and ground garlic, sesame seed, black pepper and bae juice (Asian pear in Korean) are used. A raw egg is put on top of the beef, similarly to steak tartare. Hoejeup (Hangul: 회즙), a dipping sauce based on gochujang (chili pepper) is the accompaniment for yukhoe.

In addition to beef, yukhoe can be also made with raw beef offal, such as liver, kidney, heart, cheoryeop, or yang, in which case the dish is called gaphoe (Hangul: 갑회, hanja: ) in Korean. The ingredients should be thoroughly cleaned and salted, then rinsed and dried in order to remove any odors.[1] This process is similar to the koshering process in Western cooking to rid meats of excess blood and fluids.

In old cookbook

According to the recipe for yukhoe recorded in Siuijeonseo (Hangul: 시의전서, hanja: ), a Korean cookbook made around the late 19th century, thin slices of mild beef are soaked to remove the blood, and then are thinly shredded. The shredded beef is marinated in a mixed sauce of chopped spring onion, minced garlic, pepper powder, oil, honey, pine nuts, sesame, and salt. Its dipping sauce, chogochujang (Hangul: 초고추장, chili pepper condiment mixed with vinegar and sugar) can be altered to taste, as diners add more pepper or honey.[2]

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