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Yusei Fudo
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's character
Yu-Gi-Oh5DsEpisode14 PIC186.jpg
Yusei Fudo by Kazuki Takahashi
First appearance Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's anime episode 1
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's manga chapter 1
Voiced by Japanese
Yuya Miyashita
Frank Frankson
Nicknames Yus (pronounced Yoos; in dub only)
Aliases New King
Mr. Amnesiaman (dub only)
Satellite's Shooting Star
Known relatives Martha (foster parent)
Dragon Mark Tail (Episodes 5-64)
Head (Episode 64-)
Dragon Stardust Dragon

Yusei Fudo (不動 遊星 Fudō Yūsei?) is the main protagonist of the anime series Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's.

Differently from the previous protagonists in the Yu-Gi-Oh! meta-series, Yusei is older and tends to be calm and cool much of the time, but just like them, he is always prone to make new friends and is determined to fight till the end to protect them. His friends also respect and admire him for his honor and great dueling skills. His personality is a bit more cocky in the English dub.



He has black hair with gold highlights and blue eyes. The upper layer of his hair points upward while the lower layer points down. Yusei wears a long-sleeved blue jacket with a high collar and amber gems over a sleeveless black shirt with a red symbol and wears gloves below his elbows with an amber gem on them. His lower body consists of black jeans with amber knee pads, a belt with two deck boxes hidden under his jacket (one for his standard deck and one for his Turbo Duel deck), and calf-high motorcycle boots. After episode 5, he acquires a jagged criminal marker on the left side of his face. His Mark of the Dragon is a red outline of the tail, which is permanently burned onto his arm after the events concluding the Fortune Cup story arc. It is later replaced by the dragon head mark upon his defeat of Goodwin, with Crow receiving his former mark.

During his time in Crash Town, Yusei replaced his Duel Disk with the Duel Disk revolvers used in the town, and he wore a brown poncho over his normal clothes with his Mark of the Dragon designed on it.

Character outline



Prior to the series, Yusei was born in the Tops Area of New Domino City. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fudo were researchers for the Enerdy Investigation and Development Section, which was the same group that was responsible for the activation of the first unstable Enerdy Reactor on Satellite. Yusei's father and mother were killed in the accident and Yusei was sent to an orphanage run by a woman named Martha in the Satellite. The accident was also what caused the original Domino City to be split into the present New Domino City and the Satellite. In the dub version of the anime, as Yusei grew up he attended an academy with Officer Trudge and has a rivalry with him. According to Officer Trudge, Yusei has been in a reeducation center with Rally Dawson, and once tried to sneak out after curfew with him. Yusei came to accept Kalin Kessler, Jack Atlas, Crow Hogan, Blitz, Nervin, Rally Dawson, and Tank. Yusei as a resident of the Satellite was made a labor for the residents of New Domino City and was denied many of the luxuries that were often enjoyed in New Domino.

As Yusei grew up he taught himself many skills that he needed in order to cope with the tough life in Satellite such as reading, spelling, writing, grammar, mathematics, computer skills, electrical and mechanical engineering, hand-to-hand combat, motorcycle riding, and of course dueling. He along with Crow, Jack, and Kalin became part of a group known as the Enforcers. With Kalin as the leader of it since all of them believed that they would never be able to leave Satellite and had to try to make the most of what they could out of their lives there. They began to fight other Duel Gangs for control of Satellite and took over various regions of Satellite. During their team dueling days while all of them faced the final dueling gang one of them tried to kill Yusei by throwing him off of the roof. However Kalin intervened and saved his life as he was falling off of the roof and after they had eventually defeated the final Duel Gang that was left other than them in the Satellite they had control over all of the zones of Satellite. Sometime later Crow, Jack, and Yusei all came to believe that Kalin had attempted to change who he was and had become cruel and serious about who had the right to duel. Shortly after the Enforcers had conquered all of the zones in Satellite, Kalin forced a remaining kid from Team Insect into a duel and assaulted him after he won the duel but was stopped by Crow who disagreed with his actions and Kalin punched him. Jack and Yusei broke up the fight but Crow and Jack both went against Kalin for his actions and left the team while Yusei chose to stay with Kalin. However Sector Security began to show up in Satellite to arrest duelists sometime later and Yusei finally left after Kalin tried to declare war on Sector Security.

Kalin went ahead with his plans to declare war on Sector Security anyway despite the fact that his team members had deserted him since he believed that they would decide to help him out in the end. He blew up part of the Security base and attempted to run away from the Sector Security. Yusei and his other former teammates came to Kalin's rescue. However Kalin confronted a Sector Security guard on a Duel Runner and severely injured the guard after he drove through a bunch of crates in what was supposed to be the Enforcers' last duel together. Yusei stopped him in his attempts to kill the man and isolated him in a room. As the two of them engaged in a fight the Sector Security Officers arrived. Yusei attempted to take the blame for Kalin since he lied and told them that he was the leader of the Enforcers instead of Kalin but by the time Sector Security had already figured out who the real leader was and arrested Kalin for the murder of a Sector Security Officer. Kalin saw the chief pat Yusei on the shoulder and praise him as Yusei attempted to plead with them to let them go. Kalin called him a traitor since he mistakenly assumed that Yusei had betrayed him and had him be arrested and went to prison with hatred in his heart. Crow, Jack, and Yusei later presumed Kalin to be dead and Yusei went to live in a hideout that he had made in an abandoned subway.

Yusei was able to pick up TV signals from New Domino City which allowed his friends and him to witness Turbo Duels. He had a fallout with Jack after the two of them had a difference in goals since Jack wanted to lead people and have fame and power and Yusei wanted to be able to help his friends have better lives. Yusei built his own duel runner and planned to use it and his best card Stardust Dragon in an attempt to get all of his friends out of Satellite and help them all have better lives. Rally attempted to do his best to get Jack,and Yusei to accept each other for who they were and fix their strained friendship but all of his efforts to do so failed. Lazar approached Jack and talked him into leaving all of his friends behind and stealing Yusei's Duel Runner and his best card Stardust Dragon in order to come to New Domino City. Jack kidnapped Rally, held him hostage, and left him tied up in a boat in a body of water. He alerted Yusei to what he had done and Yusei went to save Rally on the Duel Runner that he had built. Jack forced Yusei to choose between Rally's life or a duel against him in order to get what he was after. Yusei dove into the water to save Rally and Jack then stole the Duel Runner Yusei made himself and his best card Stardust Dragon and escaped from the Satellite through the trash pipeline before he became a resident of New Domino City and in the "Duel King Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's episode Yusei vowed to get back his card and settle the score with Jack at all costs.

Jack eventually decided to visit Yusei and his former friends in the Satellite as the new King during the midst of his fame. Yusei challenged Jack to a duel and lost to him. After the duel Jack told Yusei that he could not win with just the monster, spell, or trap cards in his deck but with the soul that every duelist puts into the cards that they draw. Yusei decided to believe in who he was and himself as a duelist and the power of all of the cards in his deck from then on.


Yusei is usually depicted as being calm and clear headed even in very dangerous situations. Due to this he rarely acts on impulse and usually thinks things through before he plays any cards and always is trying to stay one step ahead of the opponent. He also is very close to his friends and is very hesitant to put them in harms way. He is also shown to be very intelligent and very good at engineering, as shown by being able to build his own Duel Runner (D-wheel in japanese) from scrap parts, twice, and how he jams the Criminal mark on Rally. Based on one of Akiza's lines in episode 80, he supposedly has some expertise in physics. According to the dub's second episode, Yusei has had a fear of Insects since a cockroach nested in his ear, as said by Nervin. He was however able to conquer this fear after his Duel against Lenny.

Dragon Mark

Yusei is one of the five "Signers", and thus bears a "Dragon Mark", representing part of the Crimson Dragon. His Signer dragon is Stardust Dragon. His mark is located on his right arm, and is in the shape of the Dragon's tail (the English dub mistakenly refers to this as the head due to the fact that the tail looks more like a face). It first appears during his duel with Jack, when Stardust and Red Dragon Archfiend attack one another, though it disappeared again afterwards.[1] It now only appears when Yusei is around other dueling Signers, or when he summons Stardust Dragon. After Rex Goodwin discovers Yusei's mark, he is invited to enter the Fortune Cup, a tournament Goodwin organized to discover the identities and awaken the abilities of the five Signers. After his duel with Jack Atlas, his dragon mark becomes permanent. It shines whenever a Signer fights against another Signer, a Dark Signer, or an Yliaster member. However, it doesn't respond when a Dark Signer is dueling a non-Signer.

In times of an emergency, his birthmark glows strongly and the power of all the Signer birthmarks are transferred to Yusei, making the full Mark of the Crimson Dragon appear on his back. This causes the Tuner Monster "Majestic Dragon" to appear in his deck, allowing him to summon "Majestic Star Dragon".

Following his duel with Goodwin, the Tail birthmark transfers over to Crow, and he gains Roman's Head birthmark in its place.

Plot overview

Escape from the Satellite

Two years later Yusei has managed to build a new Duel Runner with the help of Blitz, Nervin, Rally, and Tank. Rally gets a hold of an acceleration chip. In the English anime Yusei has made some very dangerous enemies who are namely Jack and Rex Goodwin who want him off of the streets since the two of them are afraid that Yusei knows the truth about who Jack is and his past and his plans to get revenge on Jack, so Jack hires Officer Trudge to arrest Yusei and send him to the Facility and plants the chip somewhere for Rally to find in an attempt to set Yusei and him up and in the original version Rally just stole it. He gives it to Yusei and shortly afterward Blitz, Nervin, Rally and Tank are confronted by Sector Security who want to arrest Rally for stealing the chip. Yusei uses his laptop to jam the signal of Rally's mark and then gets on his Duel Runner in order to distract Sector Security long enough for the others to escape. He speeds off and runs into Officer Trudge who agrees to duel Yusei under the condition that if Yusei won Officer Trudge would forget the events of that day and that if Officer Trudge won Yusei would give himself up to Officer Trudge. After accepting the challenge and losing, Officer Trudge swears to crush Yusei, but lets both Rally and him go.

Yusei plans to use the pipeline that links New Domino City and the Satellite together in order to get into Domino City and confront Jack. He duels Lenny and defeats him after he bullies his friends and tries to take his Duel Runner from him. Yusei once again runs into Officer Trudge and is forced to duel him on his way through the pipeline. He defeats him and barely makes it through the pipeline before it closes on him and bombards Officer Trudge with trash. Yusei manages to find Jack and they duel to determine who gets to keep Stardust Dragon but their Turbo Duel is interrupted by the appearance of the Crimson Dragon right before the winner is determined. The Dragon causes Jack's already permanent Birthmark to glow and burn as well as revealing Yusei's Mark, the Dragon's tail. Yusei is arrested shortly after for trespassing into New Domino and gets a criminal marker on his face signifying his criminal record and was sent to a detention center. There he meets Tenzen Yanagi and Yusei immediately comes to accept him for who he is and befriends him and is highly impressed by all of the cards in Yanagi's deck. He later duels Bolt Tanner who was a former Pro Duelist after Tanner calls Yanagi's cards "trash" and wins. Yusei and Tanner quickly come to accept each other for who they are and like each other and Tanner befriends both Yanagi and Yusei and offers to help Yusei make it to the big leagues which Yusei gladly accepts. Rex Goodwin has the corrupt warden Mr. Armstrong run many tests on Yusei in order to find his mark and even comes to the detention center to try to bribe Yusei into helping him out but Yusei refuses. Yusei gets moved into a new cell with a man named Alex who offers to let Tanner, Yanagi, and him escape with him. Goodwin has the corrupt warden Mr. Armstrong force Yusei to duel him in order to get his mark to appear and Yusei defeats him. Mr. Armstrong tries to put both Alex and Yusei into permanent lockdown but Goodwin intervenes and fires him and immediately orders that Yusei be released. Tanner gives him his "Giant Ushi Oni" card and Yanagi gives him his "Totem Pole" card and Tanner tells him to use his card to lead him to Blister who can help him get his decks and Duel Runner back. Although he was freed Yusei retained his status as a criminal due to his Marker.

Yusei uses Tanner's " Giant Ushi Oni" card in order to try to find out who Blister is and where he is hiding out at and Blister helps him to escape from the two Sector Security Officers that Goodwin had tailing him and get his Duel Runner and decks back. He sneaks into Sector Security's storage in order to steal his decks and Duel Runner back and gets caught by Officer Trudge who forces him to duel him once again so that he could take him back to the facility. Blister tries his best to help him escape and Yusei manages to convince Blister that what happened to his friend Aero was not his fault and the two of them come to accept each other for who they are and become good friends. Yusei defeats Officer Trudge who attempts to stop Yusei from winning by cheating and Blister helps him to escape from Officer Trudge. Yusei manages to escape from Sector Security but ends up getting tasered many times by them and in the process crashes his Duel Runner and collapses. Leo and Luna find him and his Duel Runner, and take him in.

Fortune Cup

Yusei is given refuge by the twins Luna and Leo. When he leaves, he is threatened to participate in the Fortune Cup by Rex Goodwin's crony Lazar who forces Officer Trudge to back off of him. Blister lets Yusei stay at his place and spring both Tanner and Yanagi out of prison before he goes to the Satellite in order to check up on Yusei's friends for him. Prior tho the opening, Jack returns Stardust Dragon to Yusei, claiming that it wouldn't be a real challenge for him if Yusei didn't duel him without his Stardust Dragon. In the quarter-finals of the Fortune Cup, Yusei faced Hunter Pace disguised as Shira and won, moving to the semifinals and his opponent in the semifinals is Greiger. After he defeated Hunter Pace the MC started calling him "Satellite's Shooting Star". After beating Greiger he advances to the finals and defeats Akiza, the Black Rose(Black Rose Witch in the Japanese version). Yusei and Jack settle their quarrel in their second duel to see who will become king which was once again interrupted by the Crimson Dragon who shown images of the Satellite being destroyed by a mysterious spider mark. However both Yusei and Jack manage to finish their duel, resulting in Yusei's victory and making him the new champion.

Dark Signers

After defeating Jack, Yusei is still disturbed by the vision shown by the Crimson Dragon during his duel with Jack. He meets a man with a Spider Birthmark who calls himself a Dark Signer and challenges him to a "Shadow Duel". After defeating the man, the mark disappears, along with the Dark Synchro cards in his deck, and rendering him without memory of the situation. Worried about what will happened to Satellite, Yusei decided to head back but was interrupted and demanded that he met Goodwin. Goodwin tells him about the Signers and Dark Signers, and tells him he would need join forces with the other four Signers to save the world from darkness. When Yusei inquires about the unknown fifth Signer, Goodwin tells him it will eventually be destined to appear. Yusei returns to the Satellite where he meets up with his old friend Crow and reunites with his friends.

After defeating Security in a tag duel with Crow, they arrive at Crow's hideout where he tells the children about a story about the man who went over a bridge with his Duel Runner. During that night, Yusei finds something isn't right and decides to head out, Crow also accompanies him, along the way they encounter Kalin Kessler, who survived a brush with death and became a Dark Signer, intends to get revenge on Yusei. Before the Duel can conclude, however, Yusei's Duel Runner breaks down, and he gets impaled by a large shard to the stomach. Crow takes him to Martha's house so he can get surgery. Because Akiza is in a comatose state, her father goes in search for him to seek help because he might be the only who can help her. At first, he didn't agree but with Martha convincing him, he finally accepted it, getting teased to having a crush on Akiza in the process, with Martha saying "Go and nab your future wife". He was taken to New Domino City to help Akiza and was successful in helping her to be brought back to her senses. He is currently staying at Goodwin's place along with the other three Signers. Goodwin tells them the secret of the Dark Signers, telling them that they are actually dead people. Yusei blames himself for the fact that Kalin died but Jack knocks some sense into him and punches him in the stomach and face until he comes to his senses and punches back. Yusei and the others get sent to the Satellite using a helicopter piloted by Trudge himself. Before going with the Signers to the Satellite to investigate a mysterious fog, Yusei makes Goodwin promise to finish construction of the Daedalus Bridge, a bridge connecting New Domino City to the Satellite, once the Dark Signers are defeated. On arrival, he was reunited with Martha and the kids, telling him how Rally, Crow and the others have disappeared. In his stay there, Roman appears and duels Yusei with Akiza coming with him. Through the duel, Yusei was able to summon his level 8 Synchro monster, Road Warrior. Roman reveals that he was Rex Goodwin's younger brother and that he purposely set off the Original Enerdy Reactor. Roman summons his Earthbound Immortal, he defends himself, but the resulting attack causes Martha's soul to be sacrificed. Yusei gains the upper hand with Stardust Dragon, but Roman substitutes himself with Rally, who decides to sacrifice himself so Yusei can keep going.

The Signers decide to split up in order to face the Dark Signers, with Yusei heading towards Kalin, Jack towards Carly, Akiza towards Misty, and Luna and Leo towards Devack. However, when Luna transports to the Realm of Duel Monster spirits and Leo gets trapped in a shadow duel with Devack, Yusei decides to go over there and oversee it. After the duel, he spots a new Geoglyph in the sky, and is shocked to learn that Crow is facing off against Greiger, who had become a Dark Signer. He tries telling them to stop, but Crow wishes to continue. Crow eventually defeats Greiger, and Yusei finally reaches Kalin, who initiates 'the last duel of the Enforcers'. Yusei battles him, overcoming the fear from his first encounter with Ccapac Apu. When Kalin is almost burned in the flames by the effects of his own monster's attack, Yusei reaches for him, in the same way that Kalin saved his life back then, and his feelings call forth the power of all the Signers, bringing forth a new monster, Majestic Star Dragon. Defeated, Kalin forgives Yusei before turning to dust.

Yusei then gets told by Roman to face him at Original Enerdy Reactor. There, he learns about the incident that happened 17 years ago between him, Yusei's father and Rex. Yusei manages to defeat Roman. Roman's defeat revives Martha, Rally and his friends. However, Roman then destroys the bridge they were standing on, causing Yusei to fall into the light of Enerdy. He ends up in a strange place, surrounded by the spirits of those who had died during Zero Reverse. Before he is dragged under, he is rescued by the spirit of his father, who helps him get back to the real world. Yusei and his friends then travel to the Ccarayhua Enerdy control unit to assist Akiza. He encounters a man claiming to be sent by Goodwin who tells him where to find Akiza. However, it is a trap, as the man is actually Sayer, the psychic duelist, who attacks Yusei with his powers and traps him and Mina in a cage whilst it fills with water. However, Trudge arrives to save them. He confronts Sayer, who reveals he has control over Akiza's mind and was the one who had killed Misty Tredwell's brother, Toby, by electrocution. However, Yusei had secretly activated an intercom, letting Misty hear every word. Sayer is eaten by Ccarayhua and Akiza is freed from her trance, who then defeats Misty when she is taken over by the Earthbound Immortal. The city residents return, but a Condor geoglyph shines in the sky as the King of the Underworld is released. The Crimson Dragon warps Yusei and friends in front of a temple, where they find Goodwin as he reveals himself to have become a Dark Signer and infused himself with his brother's arm to gain the power of a Signer. Yusei, Jack and Crow take Goodwin on in a turbo duel. Jack and Crow fall after individual attacks by the Earthbound Immortal Goodwin has, with only Yusei left standing. Yusei wins the duel and defeats the King of the Underworld. Rex and Roman decide to pass onto the afterlife whilst the other Dark Signers are revived.

World Turbo Grand Prix

Six months after the battle against the Dark Signers, Yusei moves to an apartment with Jack and Crow and the trio forms a team to participate in the upcoming Riding Duel tournament (Grand Prix), despite they could easily find a sponsor, they decide to fund their team with their own resources instead. Given Yusei's popularity, he finds himself being challenged by various other teams trying to recruit him. He also finds himself against a new enemy that has the power to seal Synchro monsters. Threatening Yusei, however, is a new enemy known as Ghost that uses a monster that can absorb Synchro Monsters. He tries to conduct a strategy of dueling without Synchro monsters against Jack, but to no avail. He is then approached by Dark Glass who decides to teach him to surpass his own limits by showing him Accel Synchro Summoning. He later meets a super mechanic named Bruno, who helps him develop an engine so his Duel Runner can go fast enough to perform Accel Synchro. However, the data is stolen by Lazar for Placido, so Yusei and his friends track him to a hidden base, but they are both stopped by a Guard Robot that delays Yusei long enough for Placido to install their program into hundreds of Riding Roids and set the base to self-destruct.

Later, Yusei is called by a woman named Barbara to a place called Crash Town to help Kalin, who had come there looking for a way to die, since he still remembers when he was a Dark Signer. Yusei manages to beat Kalin, but is betrayed by Barbara, who was using him to help the Malcom family take over the town. He and Kalin are sent to the mines, where Kalin still refuses to be helped. Though after they sneak out and Yusei gets into a turbo duel while Kalin tries to escape with his dad, brother and sister. Though once they're all together and Yusei was going to win the guy throws a bomb that sends them flying out of the mountain. Left for dead, Yusei finally manages to convince Kalin to join forces with him against Malcom's brother Lotton, who betrayed his brother and assumed command of Crash Town in a 2 on 1 duel against him. Just before the end of the duel, the city is stormed by the security forces with the help of Jack and Crow, Barbara and Lotten are arrested after Kalin deals the final blow on him, and Kalin bids farewell to the rest of the Enforcers as he chooses to stay in the city to protect their inhabitants.

Back at Neo Domino City, Yusei and his friends complete their preparations to take part in the Grand Prix. Renaming their group as "Team 5D's", Jack, Yusei and Crow easily pass throgh the preliminaries, but just before their first official match, Crow suffers an accident and Akiza replaces him against Team Unicorn. The leader of Team Unicorn easily defeats Jack and Akiza, leaving Yusei with the task of overcome all members of the opposing team in sequence in order to advance to the next stage.

Appearances in other media


In Satellite, Yusei wins in a duel against his rival, an insect duelist named Sect. When Sect tries to invoke an urban legend to gain rare cards to beat Yusei, a huge temple appears, along with a fierce horseman called the Skeleton Knight. Yusei duels him, and finds how that the damage in this duel is real. Yusei manages to beat Skeleton Knight but soon finds himself up against Jack.

Super Fusion! Bonds that Transcend Time

Yusei will appear in Yu-Gi-Oh! Movie: Super Fusion! Bonds that Transcend Time, in which he joins forces with Yugi Muto and Jaden Yuki to face off against Paradox, a Turbo Duelist who can travel through time, and to save Stardust Dragon, who was stolen following a Riding Duel.

In the film, Yusei is seen riding with Jack Atlas & Crow Hogan when he is suddenly challenged to a Riding Duel by Paradox and soon summons Stardust Dragon. Paradox, however, has been waiting for this, as he uses his powers to capture Stardust Dragon & turn him into a Sin monster. Paradox bids Yusei farewell & tells him to parish along with his era, as he disappears into the past. Yusei, Jack & Crow then look through the archives to find where Paradox disappeared to, until they find an archive of Stardust Dragon attacking a duelist named Jaden Yuki in England. Bringing all of the Signers together, they summon the Crimson Dragon, who opens a hole in time into the past, as Yusei follows the dragon into the past to Jaden's time, as the Crimson Dragon intercept's Stardust Dragon's attack at Jaden & Elemental Hero Neos, disappearing in the process. Paradox seems confused to Yusei's appearance in the past, as Yusei looks at Stardust Dragon before Paradox takes his leave. Jaden, glad to have survived, tells Yusei what Paradox's true intentions are: To kill Pegasus, thus preventing the creation of Duel Monsters and erasing the events of all 3 Yu-Gi-Oh! series. Using Jaden's powers, the 2 travel to the time of Yugi Muto, only to find that Paradox has come and gone, presumably killing Pegasus and Yugi's grandfather, Solomon Mutoh. They comfront Yugi and ask for his help against Paradox, as Yugi agrees to help. The 3 then travel back 30 minutes before Paradox's attack on Yugi's time as they manage to intercept Paradox and try to persuade him to stop. Paradox refuses to do so, and a 3-on-1 duel begins with Yugi, Jaden & Yusei sharing 4000 life points.

In the duel, Yusei shows his skills as a synchro duelist by summoning a new synchro monster, Junk Gardna, who can switch an attacking monster to defense mode, as well as a monster who destroys it in battle. However, after Yugi manages to rescue Stardust Dragon & destroys Paradox's Sin Paradox Dragon, Paradox soon special summons his most powerful card, Sin Truth Dragon, fuses himself with the dragon, and destroys all of his, Jaden & Yugi's monsters on the field. Yusei loses hope and prepares to surrender, until Yami Yugi & Jaden manage to convince Yusei to keep fighting until the end. With new hope, Yusei manages to re-summon the monsters Paradox destroyed in his last turn and gets a power boost from trap cards played by Yami & Jaden, increasing his Stardust Dragon's ATK to 10,000, allowing him to defeat & destroy Paradox and Sin Truth Dragon. With Paradox defeated, all the damage he caused is repaired and our heroes bid farewell to one-another before returning to their respective time-lines. As Yusei returns to his time where his friends await, Yusei makes a vow to protect the future so he can meet Yugi & Jaden again, as well as to have a duel with Yugi included.


  1. ^ Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's episode 5


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