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Yuz Asaf is:

  • the name given to a sage entombed at Roza Bal in Srinagar, Kashmir, with the name "Yuz Asaf" being variously interpreted as "Josaphat" by Christians, as the title "Bodhisattva" by Buddhists, and as Kashmiri for "Son of Joseph (Yuz)" (hence Jesus of Nazareth) by others, including Ahmadi Muslims (who, although assigning it to Jesus, assert that it meant "leader of the healed"[1]). For details on the latter, see Jesus in Ahmadiyya Islam.
  • an approximation of Arabic Yūdhasaf (Budasab, Buddha+Sab), as used for instance by Muhammad ibn Jarir al-Tabari in his description of the "Sābi'ūn" (al-Tabari uses the word in different ways, here being applied to practitioners of idolatry[2]). In this description, Yuz Asaf is said to have called the Iranians to "Sāb" religion, which was then followed until Sami and Zoroaster came to Bistasb (i.e. Vishtaspa) with their tenets.


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