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Type 97/ZBD-97 IFV
Infantry fighting vehicle during the anniversary parade.jpg
A ZBD-97 in Beijing.
Type Infantry fighting vehicle
Place of origin  People's Republic of China
Service history
In service 2006 - Present
Production history
Designed 1990s
Produced 2000s
Weight approximately 20 tons
Crew 3 + 7 passengers

Armor Welded steel
100 mm gun/launcher, 30 mm autocannon
7.62 mm machine gun
Engine diesel
Suspension Torsion bar
500 km
Speed 65 km/h, swimming speed: 20 km/h

The ZBD-97 or Type 97 is a Chinese Infantry fighting vehicle. It mounts a turret similar in design to that of the Russian BMP-3, although the chassis is different, with a front mounted engine, and rear troop compartment.



The ZBD-97, or Type 97, has been in service with the PLA ground forces since 2006. It is also in service with the armored units of the Guangzhou and Nanjing military regions.

Besides the infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) variant, an armored recovery vehicle (ARV) variant is also available.



The ZBD-97 has a crew of three (a commander, a driver, and a gunner) and is able to carry seven troops. The commander and gunner are seated in the two-man turret located in the middle, and the driver with one passenger is located in tandem to the left of the power compartment, located at the front right. Six infantrymen are located in the troop compartment at the rear.

There are firing ports in the left, right, and exit door that allow infantrymen to fire assault rifles or light machine guns from inside the vehicle, even on the move. The vehicle has amphibious capability, designed to swim to shore from a ship. For high-speed swimming, it has two large water jet ports.


The ZBD-97's main gun is a 100 mm semiautomatic rifled gun capable of firing highly-explosive fragmentation and the 9M117 Bastion anti-tank guided missile.

For protection, it is believed to have a collective NBC-protection system. It is also equipped with a three-barrel smoke grenade launcher. The driver's hatch has three periscopes, and there are two headlights on the front armor of the hull.

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