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Yugoslav National Movement "Zbor" (Serbian: Jugoslovenski narodni pokret "Zbor", ZBOR), commonly known simply as ZBOR, was the name of a fascist movement formed in 1935 by Dimitrije Ljotić through the merger of a number of right-wing nationalist parties.

ZBOR copied comparable movements in Italy and Germany at that time, and it was created as a reaction to the Great Depression which had greatly affected the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. The party was not successful at the ballot box. Like their counterparts in the West, ZBOR organized their own paramilitary wing, known under the name Ljotićevci. The main targets of the ZBOR were communists (the Communist Party of Yugoslavia).

The ZBOR party tried to create an alliance with the Germany before the start of World War II. It had received funding from the state from at least 1937 and onwards.[1] It was eventually banned in Yugoslavia during the Cvetković government in 1940.[1] This ban was short-lived. After the defeat of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia in 1941, the party placed itself in complete service to the German occupation forces, and soon created its own military arm Serbian Volunteer Corps (Srpski dobrovoljački korpus), which was the kernel of the Serbian military force in Nedić's Serbia.



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