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The Zamindar Meenas are a clan of the state of Rajasthan in northern India, and are its most populous group, numbering over 20 million. They speak the Dhundari language and write in the Devanagari script.

They are traditionally connected with the farming profession, and are considered to be economically prosperous. According to the book People of India by Kumar Suresh Singh, the Zamindar Meenas enjoys the highest status among all Meena groups. They claim a Kshatriya status equivalent to that of the Rajputs. In the local socio-ritual hierarchy they enjoy a clean caste status. According to the book Rajasthan by Pauline Lynden, the Zamindar Minas are wealthy landowners who are vegetarian Hindus.

Clans of Zamindar Meenas

  1. Jorwal
  2. Chanda
  3. Chanwal
  4. Sheera
  5. Rajalwad
  6. Dhanya
  7. Lalsothya
  8. Mandad
  9. Marmat
  10. Soosawut
  11. Barwal
  12. Badgoti
  13. Bagdi
  14. Beflawat
  15. Basanwal
  16. Byadwal
  17. Bhodna
  18. Bhorawat
  19. Bandwal
  20. Bamnawat
  21. Bardawat
  22. Bhepdawat
  23. Bohra
  24. Cholak
  25. Chaudhari
  26. Chandrawat
  27. Chorasia
  28. Gohli
  29. Gunawat
  30. Kavatiya
  31. Ghlot
  32. Naurawat
  33. Nandla
  34. Nathawat
  35. Jorawat
  36. Susawat
  37. Singhal
  38. Singhalwal
  39. Jiandhada
  40. Chandwada
  41. Dewadwal
  42. Saugun
  43. Dobwal
  44. Bainad
  45. Mehar
  46. Bohra
  47. Jareda
  48. Lodwal
  49. Rawat


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