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Home Video poster
Directed by Sam Pillsbury
Produced by William Warren Blaylock
Eyal Rimmon
Written by Mari Kornhauser
Starring Nicolas Cage
Judge Reinhold
Erika Anderson
Marisa Tomei
and Joe Pantoliano
as 'Gerri'
Music by Pray for Rain
Cinematography Walt Lloyd
Editing by Michael Horton
Release date(s) May 9, 1991 (Germany)
Running time 100 min.
Country United States
Language English

Zandalee is an American erotic thriller, and romantic tragedy which was shot entirely in New Orleans, released in 1991, starring Nicolas Cage, Judge Reinhold, Erika Anderson, Joe Pantoliano, Marisa Tomei,Viveca Lindfors, and Aaron Neville. The film was directed by Sam Pillsbury.

Originally rated NC-17 by the Motion Picture Association of America, Zandalee was edited to receive an R rating before release. There is also an unrated and uncut version. The international version has a few more scenes which help explain the characters a bit better than the U.S. versions. Some versions have enhanced color as well.

Although the movie played theatrically in some countries, it was released straight to video in the United States. The film shares thematic elements with a novel and play by Émile Zola entitled Thérèse Raquin.

Zandalee was released in the USA on July 18, 1991 as a video premiere. Other countries releasing the film were Germany, on May 9, 1991, the United Kingdom on May 10, 1991, Hong Kong on May 16 , 1991, the Netherlands on November 15, 1991 and Australia on Feb. 13th, 1992.


Zandalee Martin (Erika Anderson) is frustrated and feeling unfulfilled with her marriage to Thierry Martin (Judge Reinhold), and eventually gets tangled in a passionate, sensual and torrid affair with her husband's mysterious and free spirited old friend Johnny Collins (Nicolas Cage).

Zandalee and Thierry’s marriage has hit a snag and seems to be eroding. Zan needs to explore, while Thierry wants to withdraw, and has become more and more distant and impotent in their relationship. He used to be a poet, but now has taken over the family’s communications business after the death of his father. As time goes on, Thierry has to sell the business and become basically a (vice president) figure head. He is emotionally adrift as his dreams give way to disillusionment.

Johnny Collins, an artist by trade, has been working for Thierry’s business to help support his paintings. His only religion is self-gratification. Sensing Zandalee’s frustration and vulnerability, Collins takes advantage and moves in by seducing her. Their sexual liaisons occur in various places. Thierry soon suspects the two are having an affair.

As the affair intensifies, Johnny asks Zandalee to leave her husband. Zandalee never abandons her true love Thierry, and ends the affair. She and Thierry re-commit themselves to each other, but Johnny, now obsessed with her will not be brushed off that easily. He tracks them to their vacation spot in the Bayou. All of this puts the three on a destructive collision course with a tragic sequence of events.

Joe Pantoliano portrays Zan's gay confidant, musician Aaron Neville plays Jack the bartender and Viveca Lindfors is Thierry's grandmother Tatta, the original hipster.

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