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Zapotlan el Grande
Nickname(s): Athens of Jalisco
Zapotlan el Grande is located in Mexico
Zapotlan el Grande
Coordinates: 19°42′13″N 103°27′53″W / 19.70361°N 103.46472°W / 19.70361; -103.46472Coordinates: 19°42′13″N 103°27′53″W / 19.70361°N 103.46472°W / 19.70361; -103.46472
Country  Mexico
State Jalisco
 - Type Ayuntamiento
 - Municipal President Dagoberto Mereno Leal
Elevation 1,507 m (4,944 ft)
Population (2005)
 - Total 93,609
 - Density 250.83/km2 (649.6/sq mi)
Time zone PST (UTC-6)
 - Summer (DST) PDT (UTC-5)
Website Official site

Zapotlan el Grande (also known as Guzmán, and Ciudad Guzman) is a municipality in the Mexican state of Jalisco. There are several meaninings given to the root name of the "Zapotlan el Grande" "TzapoTl is the name given to all the round fruits from the general region. Another well know fact among the locals it states The full name Zapotlan means my round fruits in the ancient language. round sweet fruits not exactly zapotes as most people believe; however it means Guavas, Tunas, Tejocotes, Cherries found in this region and still found in the low wet valleys . A new theory of the name is Tzapot which ends with Tzapotlan and it refers to the goddess of medicine named Tzaputlatena.



Adapted city tree portraying sweet round fruits.

In 1971 the figure shown below became part of the city of Zapotlan el Grande, shown as a tree with three branches, with round fruits at the end of each branch and at the trunk a pair of teeth simulating a human mouth. This oil painting was embraced by the city officials under the administration of Lic. Genaro Alvarez Lopez, who ordered this work of art to be displayed in the city hall. This work of art eventually became a representation of the city indicating its strong ties with its ancestors of Zapotlan el Grande; also known as Ciudad Guzman or plainly just Guzman.


Prior to the arrival of the European Spanish Conquistadors, this area was the pre-Columbian kingdom of Zapotlán and was at different times under the domain of the nearby kingdoms of Colima and Michoacán. Zapotlán el Grande was conquered in 1526. Many treasures and weapons are said to be buried throughout the town's old colonial homes, buildings, and farms. In the mid 1800s, the name of the town was changed from Zapotlán el Grande to Ciudad Guzman, after the Mexican federalist insurgent Gordiano De Guzmán.

The valley of Zapotlan was discovered by Friar Juan the Padilla who arrived to Tuxpan in 1532 in which he found three small towns. The small towns were Tzapotlan, Tlayolan, Tenamaxcatitlan and Mochitla. Friar Padilla settled down in Tenamaxcatitlan where he taught the natives the catholic doctrine. August 15, 1533 the Spanish crown recognized the Pueblo the Santa Maria de la Asuncion de Zapotlan in the placed called the Portal the Sandoval.


Jalisco Coat of arms.

The city is located at 19°42′N 113°28′W / 19.7°N 113.467°W / 19.7; -113.467, 124 km south of Guadalajara, at a height of 1,507 metres above sea level. Its population totaled 93,609 in the 2005 census, ranking as the sixth-largest city in the state. Other geographical location explanations are as follows the city is located South-central in the state of Jalisco, West-Central of Mexico. It is placed between the Sierra the Tapalpa and the Cerro del Tigre . Between Puerto Vallarta and Guadalajara.


Zapotlan know for its corn

From the beginning of the last century this important agricultural region became known for its abundance of corn harvesting and the raising of cattle. This general area does have a noticeable French architecture influence. The Santa Catarina Hacienda one of the most popular natural sites located in the just few miles away from downtown Zapotlan. The very popular among the locals National Park of the “ El Nevado. Located approximately 33 miles away southwest from the city. The most popular and eventful times to enjoy the “El Nevado peak is at the beginning of January and ending towards the end of February. Zapotlan el Grande has very diverse shopping from indigenes goods to modern every day required goods. Zapotlan el Grande has been celebrating the customs and religious believes of thanksgiving adoring St Joseph for over 258 years. Senor Don Jose Prieto y Tovar committed him self to propagate the rituals of honoring the St. Joseph know in spanish as "Senor San Jose" across America with the blessings of the archbishop Senor Don Geronimo Antonio de Obregon. Senor Obregon gave his superior permission on April 13, 1778 according to Cathedral of Nueva Granada, documentation located in Morelia Michoacán Mexico. This Religious celebration gave birth to the “Fiestas the Octubre” begin on October the 5th until October the 23rd. The “Fiestas the Octubre” offer Sports Activities, such as professional and amateur soccer, bull fighting till death, bicycle races, Mariachi band competitions, cockfighting until one bird dies or both, animal exhibits, horse racing, girl beauty contests, and carnival rides totaling 19 days of celebration.

19 days of daily celebration every October


Peaches known to the high and colder areas of Zapotlan

Zapotlan el Grande is located at an elevation of 1530 meters above the sea level. It borders with six municipalities known as Gomes Farias towards the North, Tamazula de Gordiano twords the East, Zapotiltic is located on the South East, Tuxpan is located south , Zapotiltic de Vadillo twords the east with San Gabriel. The Munucipality of Zapotlan el Grande has an area of 295.29 square kilometers.


  • "Fiestas de Octubre" 19 days of Fiesta time every october
  • Museo Regional
  • Santa Catarina
  • "El Nevado" Mount icy Peak
  • "Volcan de Fuego" Active volcano
  • Casa de Artesanías Regionales (the official handicrafts shop)

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