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Zatikon is a turn based strategy game m for Windows,MAC OS X and Linux created by the independent game developer Chronic Logic and Gabe Jones. Z



Zatikon is played on an 11x11 board; each player has a castle in the middle of their starting row(opposite the other player), and their objective is to get a piece into the opposing player's castle. In addition to skills and spells, all pieces have the following stats (br \>

Actions - How many actions this unit can perform per turn
Life - How much damage this unit can sustain before it dies
Power - The amount of damage this unit inflicts with attacks
Armor - How much is subtracted from the damage this unit receives
Deploy - The number of actions it costs to deploy this unit from the castle

Players are also constrained by command points, which allow for only a certain number of actions to be taken.

General game information

There are five game modes:

Constructed : You play against another player with a pre-selected army.
Cooperative: You play with another player against the AI with a pre-selected army.
Random: You play against another player with a randomly assigned army.
Single: You play against the AI with a pre-selected army.
2v2: You play with a partner against another team with pre-selected armies.

Outside of a game, you may decide on the units that compose your army. Each piece has a construction cost; as there is a finite, and unchangeable, amount of construction points permitted, players are required to carefully choose their players.

Players earn gold from all game modes, and may use this gold to unlock or purchase additional pieces for use in their armies.


Zatikon was typically well received, with praise for its longevity and strategic depth. The most typical criticism was of the quality of its graphics. Zatikon was named best strategy game of the year in 2009 by, a review site for independent games.


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