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Zaveshchanie russkogo fashista  
Author Konstantin Rodzaevsky
Country Russia
Language Russian
Genre(s) journalism
Publisher FERI-V
Publication date 2001
Pages 512
ISBN 5-94138-010-0
OCLC Number 49660451

Zaveshchanie russkogo fashista ("The Last Will of a Russian fascist"; Russian: Завещание русского фашиста) is a reprint edition of a book by the leader of the All-Russia Fascist Party Konstantin Rodzaevsky, published in 2001. General circulation of 12 000 copies (first edition - 5000 copies, with sticking with the illustrations, the second edition - 7000 copies, no inserts)[1].



The book begins with a preface by I. Dyakov "At the edge of Russian graves" and a biography of Konstantin Rodzaevsky written by K. Gusev.


The bulk of the book is the monograph by Konstantin Rodzaevsky "Contemporary Judaisation of the World or the Jewish Question in the XX Century", published in Harbin in 1943.

This monograph is divided into four parts:

  1. "Traveling around the world" (political geography - the vision of the author of the geography of the world in terms of the presence in them of the Jews and the degree of their influence in a country);
  2. "Excursion to the story" (the author of a vision of Jewish history);
  3. "World Jewish interstate" (author of the vision the organization of Jewish communities in the world);
  4. "The decision of our destiny" (author's opinions about contemporary events in the world, their engines and hidden consequences of the Jewish Policy).

Azbuka fashizma

Also included in the book "Azbuka fashizma" ("The ABC of fascism")[2], compiled, edited and with additions Konstantin Rodzaevsky published in Harbin in 1934. This work represents the 100 responses to 100 questions about fascism. At the end of the anthem placed VFP.

Party documents

Furthermore, in a book published by VFP Program (approved 03/07/1935 in Harbin)[3] and approved by the Supreme Council of 25.10.1936, the VFP position: "On the party greeting" № 69[4], "On the party flag of VFP" № 71, "On the National Flag and National Anthem" № 73, "On the party icon" № 67, "On the party banner" № 72, "On the party and form a hierarchical Signs" № 68 (with annex - table of hierarchical letters), "On the religious icon" № 65.


After the party documents in the book there are two articles by Alexsey Shiropaev: "Voice of Russian Truth" and "Russian of the future" [5].

Necessary additions

In the eponymous chapter of the book published: a statement on 04.10.1997, concerning the rehabilitation Konstantin Rodzaevsky, Lev Okhotin and others, the definition of the Military Collegium of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation № 043/46 dated 26.03.1998, the refusal of rehabilitation Konstantin Rodzaevsky, Lev Okhotin and others, as well as the response from the Chief Military Prosecutor's Office on the legality of this definition.

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