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Zemina logo.

Zemina was a South Korean software maker brand of Saehan Company[1] that primarily made games for the Daewoo Zemmix, but because it was an MSX computer made to look and be played like a game console, they work on other MSX computers as well. Although many of them were copies of other games, like Streetmaster (originally by Sega), they also made Flash Point.[2]

Because South Korea had bad relations with Japan due to the experiences of occupation, Japanese companies were not allowed to operate in Korea. Due to this, plagiarizing Japanese products was not the main focus for the Korean authorities, and for this reason, many of Zemina's games are clones of Japanese games.[3]

They have also made a Super Mario World-clone game for the Sega Master System called Super Boy 4 in 1992.[4]


List of Zemina games

Game Year System Copy of
Alla II 1990 MSX -
Block Hole 1990 MSX Quarth
Brother Adventure 1987 MSX, MSX 2 Mario Bros.
Cyborg Z 1991 MSX -
Double Dragon 1989 MSX Double Dragon
Eagles 5 1990 MSX -
Flashpoint 1990 MSX Tetris
King Kong 2: Yomigaeru Densetsu - MSX2 King Kong 2: Yomigaeru Densetsu
New Bubble Bobble 1988 MSX -
Puznic 1990 MSX -
Soko 1990 MSX -
Star Soldier 1990 MSX -
Strange Loop 1990 MSX -
Street Master 1992 MSX Street Fighter
Super Bioman 4 - MSX Super Mario World
Super Boy I 1989 MSX Super Mario Bros.
Super Boy II 1989 MSX Super Mario Bros. 2
Super Boy 3 1991 MSX Super Mario Bros. 3
Super Boy 4 1992 Sega Master System Super Mario World
Super Bubble Bobble 1989 MSX -
Tatica 1990 MSX -
Tetris - MSX Tetris
The Micro Xevious 1990 MSX Xevious: Fardraut Saga
The Three Dragon Story 1989 MSX Knightmare
Volguard 1990 MSX -
Won-Si-In - MSX The New Type

Note: Some games such as Double Dragon are Zemina clones of the original games made by bigger companies.


Zemina also made hardware for the Zemmix. These include:

  • A Keyboard & Cartridge port divider[5]
  • The Zemina Music Box[6]
  • An MSX2 Upgrade Kit[5]
  • A Zemmix PC card[5]
  • MSX RAM expansion cards[7]
  • A 'Family Card' that allows the user to play Famicom games on the Zemmix[8]


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