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Origin Leningrad, Soviet Union
Genres Pop Rock, Synth rock, New Wave
Years active 1979–present
Labels Melodiya
Associated acts Alisa
Sergey Skachkov
Aleksey Balabanov
Igor Romanov
Viktor Kudryavtsev
Boris Dolgikh
Pavel Borisov
Yuriy Starchenko
Nikolay Kudryavtsev
Veronika Stepanova
Former members
Eugene Yarzhin
Sergey Zagrebelny
Leonid Strunkin
Evgeny Myasnikov
Alexei Volkov

Zemlyane, (Russian: Земляне which is Russian for Earthlings) is a Soviet, and later Russian pop rock band which enjoyed great popularity in the early 1980's. The band was formed in Leningrad, Soviet Union in 1979 and remains active to this day.

A key artist in "VIA" (vocal-instrumental ensemble) wave of Soviet music, it was one of the first officially state-recognized bands to feature elements of rock music in USSR. Zemlyane used to mix hard rock music with synthpop, and Zemlyane's frontman Sergey Skachkov plays keytar. Most of their lyrics deal with risk, courage, and masculinity. They sang about cosmonauts, stunts, pilots, and sailors.


Zemlyane was formed in 1979 upon merger of bands April and Rossiane. The original lineup was Sergey Skachkov (keytar, vocals), Igor Romanov (guitar, vocals), Boris Aksenov (bass guitar) and Vladimir Kiselev (drums), usually accompanied by sessional members as well. Kiselev was also Zemlyane's sound producer and manager ('artistic director', in terms of the time). In early 1980 the band released several hits such as 'Trava u doma', 'Kaskadery', 'Vzletnaya polosa', among others. 'Trava u doma' featured in soundtrack of popular cartoon series Nu Pogodi.

In 1987, Zemlyane performed at Olimpiyski Sport Complex accompanied by Uriah Heep.

The band went on hiatus by the beginning of the next decade, but was revived by Sergey Skachkov in 1994 with relatively new lineup. Another former Zemlane member, Igor Romanov, now plays in Alisa. A copiright dispute between Skachkov and Kiselev arose when Kiselev (as producer) created a band of young musicians, unrelated to old Zemlyane, which used Zemlyane's name and performed its old hits. The dispute was eventially solved in 2009 in favour of Skachkov.



Studio albums

  • 1979 — VIA Zemlyane
  • 1980 — Singles
  • 1981 — Vladimir Migulya and Zemlyane
  • 1982 — Kaskadyori
  • 1982 — Deltaplan
  • 1982 — Karate
  • 1983 — Magnitalbom 1
  • 1984 — Magnitalbom 2
  • 1985 — Vzlyotnaya polosa
  • 1986 — Pesni V. Dobrinina
  • 1986 — Dimkoyu maya
  • 1987 — Den' rozhden'ya Zemli
  • 1995 — Mi ludi
  • 2000 — S.O.S.
  • 2008 — Holdod dushi


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