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Stars of Perseus
ζ Persei
Observation data
Epoch J2000.0      Equinox J2000.0
Constellation Perseus
Right ascension 03h 54m 07.9s
Declination +31° 53' 01"
Apparent magnitude (V) +2.85
Distance 980 ly
(300 pc)
Spectral type B1Ib
Other designations
Menkib, 44 Per, HR 1203, HD 24398, FK5 144, SAO 56799

Zeta Persei (ζ Per / ζ Persei) is a star in the constellation Perseus.

ζ Persei is of spectral class B1 and has an Apparent magnitude of +2.85. It is a supergiant star with a radius of 21 times that of the Sun with a luminosity of 105,000 times solar. The star has a mass of 19 solar masses and is about 980 light years from the Sun.

See also

  • Druuge, a fictional race from the computer game Star Control II whose home world is a planet orbiting Zeta Persei.

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