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This is a Chinese name; the family name is Zhang.
Zhang Xianzhong
Reign 1644 - 1646
Predecessor (none)
Successor Sun Kewang
Full name
Family name: Zhang (张)
Given name: Xianzhong (献忠)
Posthumous name
Emperor Gao
Temple name
Xi Taizu
House Daxi
Born 18 September 1606(1606-09-18)
Died 2 January 1647 (aged 40)

Zhang Xianzhong or Chang Hsien-chung (simplified Chinese: 张献忠traditional Chinese: 張獻忠pinyin: Zhāng Xiànzhōng) (September 18, 1606 – January 2, 1647), nicknamed Yellow Tiger, was a Chinese rebel leader who conquered Sichuan Province in the middle of the 17th century. Upon capturing it, he declared himself emperor of the Daxi Dynasty[1].

According to Chinese chronicles[citation needed], many scholars rejected that claim, so he had them massacred. After killing the scholars, he went after the women, merchants, and all the officials. Then he had his soldiers kill each other and the officers' wives' feet cut off and put on top of a mound.

Zhang Xianzhong was obsessed with ears and feet[citation needed], so he had his own personal guards retrieve the ears and feet of the people killed in the outlying districts in order to count how many people they killed there. After the massacre was over, he ordered this inscription in a stone to be placed in an important part of Chengdu:

天生万物以养人 Heaven brings forth innumerable things to help man.
人无一德以报天 Man has nothing with which to recompense Heaven.
杀杀杀杀杀杀杀[citation needed] Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill.

But thoses Zhang stone found have different inscription on it.[2] Zhang Xianzhong's rule devastated Sichuan. The population of Sichuan dropped from 3,102,073 at 1578 to 18,090 at 1685, and the number of residents in Chengdu decreased from 400,000 to 20[citation needed]. A massive resettlement called Huguang fill Sichuan (湖廣填四川) lasted more than a century during the Qing Dynasty, which triggered another massive resettlement: Jiangxi fill Huguang. Few said he did not kill so many people.[3][4] Some other militia also massacred.[5] Lu Xun said he did that as he knew he is going to lose.[6]



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