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Dr. Sha giving a healing blessing


Zhi Gang Sha (Traditional Chinese: 志鋼沙) is a spiritual healer who claims "the Divine" has given him the power to download "soul software" and heal a range of ailments.[1]


Born in the Shaanxi province of China in 1956, Zhi Gang Sha became interested in healing as a young child. He observed people in his immediate and extended family with a variety of illnesses. He went on to study at Xi’an Jiaotong University and received a Doctorate in Western medicine. He is also certified in the Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques of acupuncture and moxibustion. In Beijing, he taught acupuncture and Qigong to foreign physicians.[2]

He has appeared in two documentaries that have aired on the Public Broadcasting System: "Qigong: Ancient Chinese Healing for the 21st Century" and "Power Healing with Master Sha." In 2002, he was named Qigong Master of the Year at the Fifth World Congress on Qigong in San Francisco[3]. In 2006, the state of New Jersey presented him with the Martin Luther King Jr. Commemorative Commission Award recognizing "his outstanding achievements as a world peace leader, selfless healer and inspiring teacher whose mission is to create a peaceful and harmonized world through universal service, healing and soul wisdom."[4] A number of his books are considered #1 Bestsellers (see Works).

Belief System



Through discipleship beginning at a young age, Sha claims to have become a Grandmaster of Dong Yi Gong, Tai Chi, Qigong, I Ching, Kung Fu, and Feng Shui[5][6].

According to his web site, in 1994, he was named sole Worldwide Representative of "Zhi Neng Medicine" in the West by its founder, Dr. Zhi Chen Guo in China, who Dr. Sha considers to be his "spiritual father"[7].

Sha claims to be the sole 373rd generation lineage-holder of Peng Zu (彭祖), the title being conferred by Professor Dehua Liu (372nd generation Peng Zu Qigong Grand Master) in 2002. Peng Zu is a “Daoist immortal” who, according to Dr. Sha, was the teacher of the founder of Taoism, Lao Zi (老子), and whose “life-long anti-aging system” has been passed down through oral tradition to no more than three lineage holders in each generation for more than 4,300 years; however Dr. Sha is reportedly authorized to train 80 lineage holders in the 374th generation[8][9].

According to Simpkins & Simpkins, a large number of people trace their lineage back to Lao Zi, as the emperors of the Tang Dynasty did, and many (if not all) of the lineages may be inaccurate[10].

Divine Channel and Servant

Dr. Sha believes he became a Divine Channel and Servant in July 2003, when the Divine appeared to him at a retreat in Toronto, and that the Divine taught him how to download “soul software” into humans and has given him authority as a divine channel to download new souls from the Divine, clear personal karma and ancestral tree karma, and create divine healers, divine writers, divine editors and more[11][12]. Dr. Sha estimates that he has 100,000 followers worldwide [13] and reports that he has created 800 Soul Healing Teachers and Healers who teach his techniques[14], and 100 Divine Writers who "flow" his books[15]

Core Teachings

According to his website, “Master Sha's total life mission is to transform the consciousness of humanity and all souls in the universe and enlighten them, in order to create love, peace, and harmony for humanity, Mother Earth, and all universes.” [14]

His core teachings include that everything has a soul, including, organs, cells, cells units, spaces, DNA, and RNA etc., and also businesses, finances, relationships etc. The soul has the power to heal, and the soul is “in charge”. The soul must be healed first to heal the mind and body or for any other kind of healing. Chanting mantras (the longer the better) are used to heal the soul, which can be used for self-healing, healing others, healing a group, and remote healing. Dr. Sha also teaches that bad karma (from many lifetimes of reincarnation as stored in the Akashic Records) is the root cause of all blockages (illnesses, financial issues) etc. in life, and that it takes many lifetimes of “universal service” to work off bad karma.[16]

Dr. Sha teaches that depending on a person’s soul standing, the soul resides in different chakra’s of the body, and to receive enlightenment is to uplift one’s souls standing into a higher chakra. Individuals whose soul resides in their sixth chakra have third eye capabilities. Individuals whose soul resides in their eighth chakra are considered to have reached the divine realm of "Tian Wai Tian", or "Heaven beyond Heaven" (also known as the Tao) and stop reincarnation. Until the beginning of what Dr. Sha calls the "Soul Light Era" on August 8, 2003 only two saints were in Heaven-beyond-Heaven (the Tao), but since Dr Sha became a Divine Channel, six more saints (e.g. Jesus) have entered Heaven-beyond-Heaven.[17 ]

Promotional material on Dr. Sha's website indicates that he claims to be "one of the rare masters who have entered the Tao"[18]

However, Dr. Sha says he is “not teaching a religion”. [19]


Dr. Sha offers many healing services (some free, and some for a “honour fee” ranging from $55 up to $5000[20]) remotely and simultaneously through “Sunday Divine Blessing” teleconferences, in-person through various workshops and retreats[21], and directly within his books[22]. There is a no-refund policy for the services.[23]

VIDEO:Dr. Sha downloads a divine spine soul in front of a live audience at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco at YouTube (requires Adobe Flash)

Hundreds of testimonials are reported on Dr. Sha’s story board.[24] One follower, Lothar Zahler, who is now a Worldwide Representative of Dr. Sha, was reported to be healed of pancreatic cancer after disregarding his oncologist’s recommendations, receiving "Karma Cleansing" and "Soul Transplants" for his condition from Dr. Sha and chanting 8-10 hrs a day for 10 months.[25]

Divine Orders

Master Sha believes that when he became a Divine Channel in July 2003, he was given by the Divine the authority to channel Divine Orders, which are commands from the Divine for a particular thing to happen. To invoke the order, it is daily practice is necessary, which involves chanting, the longer duration the better. Examples of Divine Orders offered by Dr Sha include:

  • Soul Enlightenment (i.e. pushes soul to reside in a higher chakra), which are only provided at Soul Healing and Enlightenment retreats.[17 ]
  • Divine Feng Shui [26]
  • and various Divine Protections such as ‘’Divine Prevention and Healing of Communicable Diseases’’ [27]

Karma Cleansings

Another one of Dr. Sha’s Divine Order Services is a Karma Cleansing service, described as a “short-cut that can save many lifetimes of learning lessons” wherein Dr Sha can “reach into … his endless bank of good virtue… to pay off the bad karma of others”.[28]

Karma Cleansings can be obtained on behalf of other persons, as well as “anything that has a soul, including relationships, residences, pets and businesses”. Prior to being accepted for the service, an application must me made with involves a “Soul Reading” by Dr.Sha.[29]

Dr. Sha claims that he as given over 10,000 Karma Cleansings to date[30], the honour fees for which have ranged from $1500 for personal karma to $3000 for ancestral karma[20] which would generate approximately $20 million in honour fee revenue for this service alone.

End of Karma Cleansings

According to a personal message on his website, the Divine told Dr. Sha that “the Divine will end the Divine Karma Cleansing service at the end of 2009. The Divine has made a decision that people must pay their own karmic debt. It is too easy for the Divine to clear a human being's karma. The Divine guided me to offer the last opportunity to be free of personal, ancestral, relationship and pet karma through Divine Karma Cleansing in early November 2009.”[31]

The final opportunity to receive Divine Order for Personal, Ancestral, Relationship and Pet Karma Cleansings was through a Book Campaign in November 2009, wherein the services could be obtained by purchasing an equivalent value of books, ranging from $63 to $3500.”[32][33]

Divine Downloads/Soul Transplants

According to Dr Sha’s website, Divine Downloads for Soul Healing, or Soul Mind Body Transplants are available to address health issues for various parts of the body.[34]

According to Dr. Sha, “A Soul Transplant means your original soul or current soul returns to the Divine and you receive a new “huge karma free” soul from the heart of the Divine." Dr. Sha claims to have sole authority from the Divine to download Divine Soul Transplants.[35]

Body Soul Transplant

Dr. Sha defines the body soul (Ren Xing in Chinese) as “your true nature and your true self - what most people understand as a human beings soul, the soul that reincarnates. When people talk about a human being’s body, mind and spirit, that spirit is the body soul or Ren Xing”[36]

A Body Soul Transplant (BST) is a prerequisite to attend advanced retreats. [37] The honour fees for BSTs were $5000.[38]


Dr. Sha's devotees can register to become a “Universal Servant”, a total GOLD (Gratitude, Obedience, Loyalty, Devotion) unconditional universal servant to the Divine. The requirements of the program include attendance of a weekly teleclass, and the provision of four hours of weekly volunteer service for the Institute of Soul Mind Body Medicine.[39]

Upon making the vow of unconditional servant (devotee), one is expected to experience spiritual testing.[17 ]

Dr. Sha offers “Divine Transmissions” for those who seek to become Divine Healers by becoming a channel of divine healing power, participating in Master Sha’s healing channel; they can also be trained for “Divine Direct Communication”. There is an application (soul reading bow-down) process and certification is required.[40][41]

There are four levels of Divine Healers in Dr Sha’s training programs[42]

  • 1 Worldwide Representatives (formerly called Assistant Teachers)
  • 2 Divine Master Teacher Healers (DMTH)
  • 3 Master Teacher Healers (MTH)
  • 4 Soul Healing Teacher and Healer (SHTH)

On June 21, 2009, Master Sha announced 13 Worldwide Representatives.[43] One of them, Michael Stevens, died on Sept 7, 2009[44] and Lynne Nusyna has been added[45].

Divine healers enter a affiliate program, wherein they receive 20% of the honour fees from their referrals, and their Master Teacher will receive 10%.[46]

Certified Divine Healers are able to offer their services to the public as “professionals” on Dr. Sha’s website [47]

Business Structure

According to his website, Dr. Sha’s mission is supported by the "Institute of Soul Healing and Enlightenment"[48]. Payments go to the California registered business of Zhi Gang Sha LLC.[49]

Only the "Institute of Soul Mind Body Medicine", which is a vehicle for the training courses[50] is registered as a non-profit organization[51].

Books and Divine Writers/Editors editors are managed by the Ontario, Canada business of "Heaven's Library Publication Corp"[52][53].

The documentary movie "Soul Masters" (see Works) is distributed by 926363 Ontario Ltd [54], which is managed by one of Dr. Sha’s representatives, Allan Chuck [55]

Sha Research Foundation

Dr. Sha founded the Sha Research Foundation in 2001[56] “to organize research in order to establish the credibility and scientific verification of effectiveness the healing system founded by Master Zhi Gang Sha.”[57]. The website states that it is a California public-benefit corporation, however the California’s Department of Justice records indicate that the registration is “delinquent” and “expired 2003/10/10”[58]. In 2007, donations were being solicited for two research projects related to cancer and back pain[59]. However the website has not been updated since 2007 and no papers are available[60].


Dr. Malcolm Ing, an ophthalmologist who researched patients with severe eye problems treated by Sha said "As an objective scientist, you have to look at the real results. Frankly, none of the patients got any improvement. But they all appreciate his efforts."[1]

Book reviewer Araminta Matthews described the Power of Soul book "as wildly commercial, created of shoddy workmanship, and suspiciously simplistic... of Kevin Trudeau proportions ", and that it "offers up some very laughable concepts that I fear could sway a lesser intellect to start a cult of the computerized and downloadable soul, selling flash drives for spirits and $5,000 soul transplant requests from the author's professional assistants"[61]

Book reviewer Deborah Adams pointed out that his status as bestseller is influenced by orchestrated book campaigns wherein followers buy books in lieu of payment for "Karma Cleansings and other blessings (see Works)[62].


Books (and Book Campaigns)

Dr. Sha has written a number of books, for which some of the writing and editing is completed by "Divine Writing Channels" who enter a contract with Dr. Sha. In exchange for writing a book, a Channel receives four "writing treasures" from Sha as well as an honorarium.[63][64]. According to Dr. Sha’s website, the Divine “borrows the mouth” of the Divine Writer to flow and write out the divine teachings in the books.[65]. The books state "I would like to explain clearly that I am flowing this book from the Divine. Every sentence, every word flows from the Divine’s heart."[66]

Each of the book releases has been accompanied by a Book campaign, wherein devotees could obtain services by purchasing an equivalent value of books on a certain day, and have achieved bestseller status on, New York Times, USAtoday etc. for a few weeks each, summarized and sourced as in the following table. Dr. Sha claims that the Divine directly told him about/how to do book campaigns on May 24,2004, a process he calls "soul marketing"[67][68][69]. However, promotional material for “Author Market Service” provider Peggy McColl attributes the bestseller status of Dr. Sha’s book “Power Healing” to services she provided for Dr. Sha in 2004[70].

Book Book Campaign Date Bestseller Status
* Divine Soul Mind Body Healing and Transmission System (2009)

ISBN 978-1439177662

November 9, 2009[71] NEW YORK TIMES #1 Nov 19, 2009[72] Amazon #1, November 10, 2009[73]
* Divine Soul Songs (2009)

ISBN 978-1439129654

June 9, 2009[74] NEW YORK TIMES #1 June 19, 2009[75]
* The Power of Soul: The Way to Heal, Rejuvenate, Transform, and Enlighten All Life (2009) ISBN 978-1-4165-8910-5 January 6, 2009[76] NEW YORK TIMES #1 January 16, 2009[77], USATODAY# 16 January 15, 2009[78]
* Soul Communication: Opening Your Spiritual Channels for Success and Fulfillment (2007) ISBN 1-60023-018-0 October,2008[79] NEW YORK TIMES #3 November 7, 2008 [80]
* Soul Wisdom I: Practical Soul Treasures to Transform Your Life (2007) ISBN 1-60023-016-4 June 30 - July 19, 2008[81] NEW YORK TIMES #1 July 20, 2008[82][83]
* Living Divine Relationships (2006) ISBN 1-60023-010-5 Dec 11 to 13, 2006[84] unknown
* Soul Mind Body Medicine: A Complete Soul Healing System (2006) ISBN 1-57731-528-6 May 24, 2006[85] NEW YORK TIMES #3 for 3 weeks June 25, 2006[86]
* Power Healing: The Four Keys to Energizing Your Body, Mind and Spirit (Hardcover 2002, Paperback 2004) ISBN 0-06-251780-5 Jun 2, 2004[87] Amazon #11 on June 2, 2004[88], #3 “The Economist” International Bestseller[89]

Other books include:

  • Sha’s Golden Healing Ball: The Perfect Gift (1997) ISBN 0-9680595-3-8
  • Soul Study: A Guide to Accessing Your Highest Powers (1996) ISBN 0-9680595-1-1
  • Zhi Neng Medicine: Revolutionary Self-Healing Methods from China (1996) ISBN 0-9680595-0-3


  • Living Divine Relationships (2006) ISBN 978-0-9780790-0-0
  • Music as an Expression of the Divine (2006) ISBN 978-0-9780790-2-4
  • The Divine Educational Process of Adolescents (2006) ISBN 978-0-9780790-1-7


Soul Masters is a documentary movie about Master Sha and his Chinese teacher, Master Zhi Chen Guo, produced by Sande Zeig [90].


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