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Zhuang studies is an interdisciplinary intellectual field concerned with the Zhuang people – their history, anthropology, religion, politics, language, and literature. The majority of such research is being carried out in the People's Republic of China.


  • Huang Xian Fan黄现璠:《Brief History of Zhuang nationality》广西壮族简史, Guangxi Peoples’s Press, 1957.
  • Huang Xian Fan黄现璠:《Nong Zhi Gao》(遗著), Guangxi Peoples’s Press, 1983.
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  • 《First University Professor of Zhuang Nationality – Huang Xian Fan》第一位壮族教授 - 黄现璠, Guangxi ethnic newspaper, 1999.
  • Mu Jun:《A Master of Zhuang Ethnic Studies – Huang Xian Fan》壮学之父黄现璠, Guangxi's daily, 2002.
  • Chen Ji Sheng:《On Professor Huang Xian Fan’s Practice and Construction to Chinese 20th Century's New History》, Guangxi Social Sciences, 1st Issue, 2007.
  • Huang Xian Fan黄现璠:《A Critical Biography of Wei Ba Qun》遗作, Guangxi Normal University Press, 2008.
  • Chen Ji Sheng:《On Bagui School of Chinese Ethnology》试论中国民族学的八桂学派, Guangxi Social Sciences, 7th–11th Issues, 2008.
  • 金丽:《壮族历史与文化导论》(英文版),北京:民族出版社,2007年. Jin Li: Zhuang History and Culture: An Introductory Study – (Beijing, The Ethnic Publishing House, 2007). Note: This book is written in English by Professor Jin Li of Guangxi University for Nationalities. It is addressed to two groups of readers for two different purposes. First, it is hoped that Chinese students whose majors are related to Zhuang studies would by reading this book be exposed to academic writing in English on relevant subjects. Second, it may be beneficial to English-speaking people who have an interest in the Zhuang, their history and their culture.
  • Zhāng Yuánshēng 张元生: Zhuàngzú rénmín de wénhuà yíchǎn – fāngkuài Zhuàngzì 壮族人民的文化遗产——方块壮字. In: Zhōngguó mínzú gǔ wénzì yánjiū 中国民族古文字研究 (Beijing, Zhōngguó shèhuì kēxué chūbǎnshè 中国社会科学出版社 1984).
  • Lín Fāng 林方: Tán lìyòng gǔ Zhuàngzì yánjiū Guǎngxī Yuèyǔ fāngyán 谈利用古壮字研究广西粤语方言. In: Mínzú yǔwén 民族语文 2004.3:16–26.

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