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The Ziyarids, also spelled Zeyarids (زیاریان or آل زیار), were an Iranian dynasty that ruled in the Caspian sea provinces of Gorgan and Mazandaran from 928-1043 (also known as Tabarestan). The founder of the dynasty was Mardavij (from 927 to 935), who took advantage of a rebellion in the Samanid army of Iran to seize power in northern Iran. He soon expanded his domains and captured the cities of Hamadan and Isfahan.

Perhaps among the more interesting things from this era is that we know that Al-Biruni, the great scientist of the Middle Ages, was supported by Qabus, the ruler of the Ziyarid state, in 1000 in Gorgan. In fact he dedicated his work Chronology to Qabus around 1000 and observed eclipses of the moon from there.

Ziyarid Dynasty

Another interesting feature is the tower Gonbad e Ghaboos built during this era. The tomb is one of the earliest architectural monuments with a dated inscription surviving in post-Islamic Iran. The inscription reads:

"In the name of God, the compassionate, the merciful; this Tower was built by the Amir Shams ol-Moali, son of the Amir, Qabus son of Voshmgir, who ordered it built during his lifetime in the lunar year 397 and the solar year 375" (1007AD)

The tomb, built of fired brick, is an enormous cylinder capped by a conical roof. The circular plan, broken by 10 flanges, is 56 ft in diameter, and the walls are 17 ft thick. The height from base to tip is 160 ft. Legend has it, that the body of Qabus was enclosed in a glass coffin which was suspended by chains from the interior dome inside the tower.


Ziyarid Kings

There were 6 rulers (amirs) in this dynasty who ruled as following:

Ziyarid Arts and Architecture

One of the most famous architectural works of Ziyarid is the Gonbad-e Qabus (literally Dome of Qabus).

Gonbad-e Qabus, built in 1006CE.

Here a beaker from Ziyarid period now in New York Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Ziyarid era art: 9-10th century beaker from Iran. Blown and relief-cut glass. New York Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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