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Zombie High
Directed by Ron Link
Produced by Cassian Elwes
Written by Tim Doyle,
Aziz Ghazal,
Elizabeth Passerelli
Starring Virginia Madsen
Music by Daniel May
Cinematography Brian Coyne,
David Lux
Editing by Shawn Hardin,
James Whitney
Distributed by Cinema Group
Release date(s) October, 1987
Running time 93 min
Country  United States
Language English

Zombie High is a 1987 film starring Virginia Madsen.



A teenage girl gains a scholarship to an all-male boarding school, but soon discovers that her fellow classmates are becoming personality-less drones. As she investigates the school, she discovers the faculty may be experimenting on students.


On May 12, 2005, a remake of Zombie High was released, at the Philadelphia Creative and Performing Art’s 4th annual film festival. The co-creator of the remake, Scott J. Bechtel, has said several times in interviews about the two movies:

“There is no similarities between the two films. It had just been by coincidence that, we chose a name for the movie at the tenth hour, and we came up with Zombie High. I never had any idea that there was a Zombie High before this one. I mean when it came out, I was only one.”

Since its release, it has gained a small cult following, and has found a second life on sites such as MySpace and YouTube.

On November 24, 2007, Scott J. Bechtel announced on his blog, on MySpace, that he just got done filming a spin-off sequel to his remake, and should be released on YouTube after the Christmas Holiday.


  • The film's title was also used for a fictional-show-within-a-show as Miley Stewart's one-time crush, Jake Ryan starred as the main character on the real show Hannah Montana.

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