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Zombie Master is a multiplayer Half-Life 2 modification centred around a zombie-apocalypse. Zombie Master incorporates Real-time Strategy elements for one "zombie master" player while the other players continue to use a First-person Shooter style of play. The goal of the modification is to introduce an innovative game style into the popular Survivors vs Zombies game genre.[1] Zombie Master is available as a free download to anyone owning a Source Engine based game. The first beta version was released on April 15, 2007. The latest version, beta 1.2.1, was released on January 4, 2009.



Zombie Master was originally devised by Angry Lawyer, a developer for the mod. In its early stages Zombie Master was called Conquest: City 17 and had no real connection to zombies since the plan was to use Half-Life 2's Combine units and other units from the HL2 Universe for the RTS element. As of January 5, 2009 the mod team for Zombie Master has left this project for new endeavours and no new improvements to the mod will be made by the official team.[2] Zombie Master came into development when Angry Lawyer decided to use zombie units for Conquest: City 17 and showed the code and idea to friends on


At the beginning of every round, a player is selected to take on the role of the Zombie Master, who then perceives the game through the real-time-strategy view of the map and granting access to all Zombie Master abilities. In nearly all maps the objective is for the survivors (which normally consists of 6-15 players) to complete a series of goals. In most maps this can include retrieving certain objects, destroying certain objects, unlocking doors, and surviving for a given amount of time. In most maps, the goal is to escape the map. The Zombie Master uses his abilities to attempt to kill the survivors. If all the survivors are killed, the Zombie Master wins. If the survivors complete all their goals, they win the round.

The Zombie Master

The Zombie Master plays the game like a Real-Time Strategy game. The Zombie Master can use traps and spawn any of 5 different zombies at designated points placed throughout the map. Red Orbs being for zombies and yellow orbs for traps. He can control where zombies move or give the zombies orders, and can move around the map freely.

In order to spawn zombies and use traps, the Zombie Master uses resources. These are limited, and gradually refill over time, but can be increased by killing survivors.


Zombies available for the zombie master to spawn are

  • Shambler: Your typical zombie with slow movement speed, mediocre attack speed, mediocre damage, and mediocre health. They are the only zombie that can break barricades. They take most damage when shot on the head.
  • Drifter: A floating zombie with slow movement speed, an amazingly fast attack speed, and low damage.
  • Banshee: An agile zombie with fast movement speed, fast attack speed, low damage, and low health. It has the ability to jump high and long distances. It has a single shot death when shot by a rifle.
  • Hulk: A big zombie with normal movement speed, slow attack speed, high damage, and high health. They take the most damage when shot in the legs.
  • Immolator: the ultimate zombie with fast movement speed. Normal attack speed and fire damage when touching an enemy, high damage and high health. Once in combat they ignite but then die from their burns after a period of time. Although the zombies are similar in many aspects to the zombies from Half-Life 2, the Zombie Master developers modified the models in order to create a more realistic looking zombie.

The Survivors

Every player except for one play as survivors. They play the game like a First-Person Shooter. The survivors use firearms, melee weapons, barricades, and environmental items such as explosives to stop zombies and fulfill mission objectives.

The spectators

Once the survivors die they join the spectators team, which allows them to fly around the map to watch the remaining survivors. They are invisible, and non-solid, so you cannot attack or touch them. They have 3 different modes of view: First person view which allows them to view the game from a survivors point of view. Third person view, allows the spectators to view the game revolving around a survivor. Free mode view, which allows them to noclip through the map freely.


Weapons available to the survivors are

  • Fists: a unarmed weapon that the survivors spawn. High attack speed and low damage.
  • Crowbar: a melee weapon with normal attack speed and mediocre damage.
  • Sledgehammer: a melee weapon with slow attack speed and high damage.
  • Pistol: a firearm with fast attack speed and low damage.
  • Revolver: a firearm with a Fast/Slow attack speed and mediocre damage.
  • Shotgun: a close-range firearm with normal attack speed and high damage. Like a real shotgun, the shot scatters so it is best used against big groups of zombies. Since the shot spreads, this also means the shotgun is only effective at a close range; don't expect to be a sniper with this. It also has a longer reload because its feeding mechanism requires feeding slugs one at a time.
  • Rifle: a firearm with normal attack speed and high damage. This gun as well has a slow reload time because it also requires loading cartridges one at a time.
  • Mac 10: a firearm with faster attack speed and mediocre damage. This weapon is good for taking out big groups of zombies quickly because of its high rate of fire, but because of this ammo will be depleted much faster than a normal gun.
  • Molotov Cocktail: a weapon that causes significant damage in a wide radius. It engulfs its targets in flames and eventually kills the zombies.

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