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Zombie Smashers X
Developer(s) Ska Software
Publisher(s) Ska Software
Platform(s) Windows
Release date(s) 2001 (shareware)
2006 (freeware)
Genre(s) Sidescroller
Mode(s) Single player, Two player
Media Digital download
Input methods Keyboard

Zombie Smashers X is a 2D sidescrolling fighting game for Microsoft Windows from Ska Software. It was released in 2001 as shareware and then re-released in 2006 as freeware. Zombie Smashers has yielded two sequels with a third on the way.

The old website's introduction of ZSX:

Zombie Smashers X has a gripping, fantastic plot in which one or two characters realize(s) that Earth is becoming overrun by zombies and decide(s) to do something about it. The fighting system is basically a tribute to River City Ransom for Nintendo: street brawling with an RPG twist. Each player has stats which can be upped by buying and eating food; special moves are learned by purchasing tattoos. As the game progresses the monsters and bosses become increasingly powerful so its important to power up. The scenery is pretty diverse and interesting and encompasses one big constant world to explore.



ZSX is a pure button-mashing game. You spend the most part of the game pushing the punch, kick and jump button. The twist is, the blood effects, the fitting sounds and music whip you, and with the crunching effects the many (sometimes even improvised) weapons, you can be held busy for hours with a very simple gameplay the average gamer adores.



  • River City Ransom style fighting system
  • Upgradable stats
  • Ability to learn special moves
  • Every object can be a weapon

Fighting system

A basic hit or be hit system.

Upgradable stats

In shops, every item you buy improves one of your stats or fill your health you lost during battle.

Special Moves

Combos mostly exist out of button ramming or putting some originality in em. All these skills are learned by getting tattoo's at the tattoo parlor. The player will learn that learning these skills will be very significant in how easy the battles will be over later gameplay, both versus simple minions, as versus bosses.

Make your own

ZSX comes with two programs that allow you to set together your own levels, implement them in the game, and even edit the shops. Take in mind though this is improved work, and you'll have to figure out how it works pretty much on your own.


Earth has become overrun with zombies and the player must fight to free the world and send the zombies back to the grave. During the trip, he encounters bosses that, during the pre-fight conversations, explain and unfold the story pace by pace, telling that eventually The One is the cause of all this.

The One

Even though the player does not know at first, the One, a devil that can be held as (but is not be referred to as) Satan, is the cause of the zombie-plague coverring. He gets defeated in a battle that truly is tougher than most bosses you encounter.

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