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Rabbi Zvi Meir Steinmetz.

Zvi Yair (Hebrew: צבי יאיר‎) is the pen-name of the Hebrew poet and Chassidic scholar, Rabbi Zvi Meir Steinmetz (Hebrew: צבי מאיר שטיינמץ‎; 1915 - 2005). Zvi Yair was a Jewish poet who wrote in Hebrew.


His father Shlomo Dov Steinmetz lived in the village of Brister in the Carpathian Mountains, on the border of Galicia, but Zvi Yair was born in Budapest (1915), where the family was living temporarily because of the upheavals caused by the First World War.

In 1940 he married Devorah Isenberg and was hiding in Budapest during World War II thanks to a family friend, Eleonóra Sipos, which he later awarded a tree in the Yad Vashem museum.

After the war he lived in Vienna, Austria, till 1952 when he immigrated to New York.


He published his first book, "Gesharim" [Bridges], (Herskovitz Miklós, Debrecen, Hungary) under the name Ben Shlomo [the son of Shlomo] in 1942 during WWII, and in 1951 he published in Vienna "Netiv" [Path]. He moved to New York and published a booklet in Israel in 1968 "Al Hachof" [On the Beach]. In 1973 he published "Merosh Zurim" (Eked, Tel Aviv), in 1981 "Miknaf Haaretz" (Eked, Tel Aviv) and in 1997 "Bechevion Hanefesh" (Heichal Menachem, Jerusalem).

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