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Type Private
Founded 1983
Headquarters McLean, Virginia
Key people Dr. Johannes C. Scholtes, President & CEO
Industry Software, Information Access, e-Discovery, Records Management, Email Archiving, Workflow
Employees 100

ZyLAB is a developer of software for Information Access, e-Discovery, Email Management, Records, Contract,- and Document Management, Knowledge Management, and Workflow. The company is head quartered in McLean, Virginia and in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. ZyLAB’s most important products are ZyINDEX and ZyIMAGE.



In 1983 ZyLAB was the first company providing a full-text search program for electronic files stored in the file system of IBM Compatible PC’s. The program was called ZyINDEX. The first version of ZyINDEX was written in Pascal and worked on MS-DOS. Subsequent programs were written in C, C++ and C# and work on a variety of Microsoft operating systems.

In 1991, ZyLAB Integrated ZyINDEX with an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) program Calera Wordscan, which was a spin off from Raymond Kurzweil’s first OCR implementation. This integration was called ZyIMAGE. ZyIMAGE was the first PC program to include a fuzzy string search algorithm to overcome scanning and OCR errors.

In 1998, ZyLAB developed support to full-text search email, including attachments.

In 2000, ZyLAB embraced the new XML standard, and created a full content management and records management system based on the XML standard and build a full solution for e-discovery, historical archives, records management, document management, email archiving, contract management, and professional back-office solutions.

In 2003, ZyLAB invested in expanding the ZyIMAGE product suite with advanced Text analytics, Text mining, data visualization, computational linguistics, and automatic translation.

2005: ZyIMAGE Information Access Platform was released, an integrated solution to address Information Access problems.

2007: Platforms for ZyIMAGE e-Discovery and Legal Production, Historical Archiving, Compliance, Back-Office Records Management and COMINT were launched.


Initial customers of ZyINDEX were organizations such as the FBI and other law enforcement agencies to investigate electronic data from seized PC’s, The US-Navy for on-board manuals and various law firms around the world for e-discovery. Over the years, ZyLAB also received grants from the European Union (DG13).

Other well-known ZyLAB customers were: O.J. Simpsons Defense Team, various war crime tribunals around the world such as the Milosovic trial, the Special Court for Sierra Leone, the UN-AKRT-ECCC Cambodia Khmer Rouge trials and the Rwanda tribunal. In 2007, the EOP (Executive Office of the President) selected ZyIMAGE for email archiving, basically for its open XML structures, which is endorsed by organizations such as NARA. ZyLAB’s software was also used for many other high profile investigations such as the Oklahoma Bombing. See also the reference section.

Various public websites also use the ZyIMAGE software.

ZyLAB is a recognized leader in the development of 2007 Magic Quadrant for Information Access Solutions and received a Strong Positive Rating in the 2007 e-Discovery Marketscope and a Positive Rating in the 2007 and 2008 Records Management MarketScope.

ZyLAB’s CEO, Dr. Johannes C. Scholtes. Is also extra-ordinary Professor in Text mining at the University of Maastricht faculty Humanities and Sciences.

System Overview and Compatibility

According to the company’s Website, core components of the ZyIMAGE Information Access platform include:

  • ZySCAN
  • ZyFIND
  • ZyIMAGE Enterprise Web-server
  • ZyIMAGE XML Wrapper
  • ZyIMAGE Database Fields Module
  • ZyIMAGE Records Management Edition, US DoD 5015.2-certified records management software
  • ZyIMAGE Document Management
  • ZyIMAGE e-Discovery Management
  • ZyIMAGE Audit Trail
  • ZyIMAGE Workflow
  • ZyIMAGE Exchange Connector
  • ZyIMAGE SharePoint Connector
  • ZyIMAGE Archiving Plug in for MS-Office
  • ZyIMAGE Legal TIFF Production
  • ZyIMAGE De-duplication Management
  • ZyIMAGE Application Integrator

Supported Configurations

  • Server OS: Windows 2003, Windows 2008
  • Databases: XML, MS SQL Server 2005, MS SQL Server 2008, Oracle 10g, Oracle 11g , mySQL
  • Web Servers: IIS
  • Web Browsers: IE6, IE7, FF
  • Client OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista
  • Clustering: Support for Active/Passive Failover.
  • Authentication: Active Directory, LDAP, XML, NTFS, IBM Tripoli.
  • Virtualization: VMWware Infrastructure, VMWare Workstation, VMWare Server, WMWare Fusion.

Languages Supported

  • Unicode. Support for documents in all languages.
  • Internationalization. ZyLAB offers translated products for English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Portuguese, Arabic and Persian. In addition to these languages, over 200 languages are supported by ZyLAB's recognition and full-text indexing technology, including all Western-European, Eastern-European, Baltic, African, Asian and South-American languages. ZyLAB's technical ability for broad language and character recognition enhances the accuracy of stored information searches and helps diminish the costs incurred by incorrect searches or text correction.

Zy-IMAGE-nation Annual Conference

The annual Zy-IMAGE-nation Conference is sponsored by ZyLAB. During this conference, seminars and interactive sessions from leading professionals about the advanced technologies and procedural enhancements that are driving new levels of operational efficiency in private and public sectors. The focus of the conference is on technologies that provide integrated capabilities for managing the accumulated knowledge of an organization, especially records and e-mail, as well as other business-critical processes. Additional related topics to be covered include best practices for e-discovery preparation and implementation, records management, email archiving, and knowledge management.

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