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Zygmunt Steuermann (1899-1941) was a Polish football player and one of the most renowned members of the Hasmonea Lwów Football Club. Born February 5, 1899 in Sambor, then in Austro-Hungarian Galicia, Steuermann was a member of a Polonized Jewish family. Already at the age of 12 he joined the local Korona Sambor. During the World War I he fled to Vienna, where he continued his training in a variety of sport clubs, including Gersthof Wien, Germania Wien and Amateure Wien. After the war he returned to Poland and in 1920 started a semi-professional career in Korona Sambor. Already the following year he moved to Lwów (modern Lviv, Ukraine), where he joined the ŻKS Lwów sports club. In 1923 he was transferred to Hasmonea Lwów, the most important Jewish football club in Poland and one of the four Lwów-based clubs playing in the first league. He remained one of the most notable players of that club until 1932, when he joined the Legia Warszawa.

In the meantime he also appeared twice in the Poland national football team scoring four goals: three in a match against Turkey in 1926 and one against the USA in 1928. He was one of only two first-timers in the history of Polish national football team to score a hat-trick in the first match, the other being Józef Korbas (in 1937 against Bulgaria).

During the Nazi and Soviet invasion of Poland he fled Warsaw and settled in his home town which was then annexed by the USSR. He returned to Korona Sambor which was soon afterwards closed down and recreated as Dinamo Sambor by the Soviet authorities. Following the Nazi take-over of eastern Poland he was arrested and sent to the Lwów Ghetto, where he died in December 1941.


1920-1921 Korona Sambor
1921 ŻKS Lwów
1923-1932 Hasmonea Lwów
1929 Legia Warszawa
1930-1932 Hasmonea Lwów
1932-1939 Korona Sambor
1940-1941 Dinamo Sambor



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