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Cao, CaO, or CAO may refer to:

  • CaO, the chemical formula for Calcium oxide
  • Cao (Vietnamese surname), a Vietnamese surname
  • Cao (Chinese surname), a Chinese surname
  • Cao (state), a Chinese vassal state of the Zhou Dynasty (1046 - 221 BCE)
  • Cao Wei, also called Wei, one of the regimes that competed for control of China during the Three Kingdoms period (220 - 280 CE)
  • Cao Cao, founder of Cao Wei
  • Cão!, an album by Portuguese band Ornatos Violeta
  • Cao County, in Shandong, China
  • Diogo Cão, a 15th centuryPortuguese explorer
  • Joseph Cao, representative for Louisiana's 2nd congressional district, elected 2008

Cao, CaO, or CAO may refer to:



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cǎo (form of cao3 with diacritic)

  1. : gigantic strength
  2. :
  3. : act with care, be cautious
  4. : anxious, apprehensive
  5. : grass; KangXi radical 140
  6. : grass, straw, thatch, herbs
  7. : the female of certain animals such as horses, a mare


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