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Character(s) may refer to:

  • Character (arts), an agent in a work of literature, drama (play or skit), opera or other works of fiction
  • Character (biology), the abstraction of an observable physical or biochemical trait of an organism
  • Character structure, a psychological system of personal traits
  • Moral character, an evaluation of a particular individual's moral qualities
  • Sacramental character, a Catholic teaching
  • Persona, a social role or a character played by an actor
  • Player character, a fictional character in a video game or role playing game who is controlled or controllable by a player

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From Old French caractère, from Latin character, from Ancient Greek χαρακτήρ (kharaktēr), type, nature, character) from χαράσσω (kharassō), I engrave).





character (plural characters)

  1. A being involved in the action of a story.
  2. A written or printed symbol, or letter
  3. A distinguishing feature; characteristic; A complex of mental and ethical traits marking a person or a group.
  4. A moral strength.
    "You may not like to eat liver," said Calvin's father, "but it builds character."
  5. A person with many notable or eccentric features.
  6. (mathematics) A complex number representing an element of a finite Abelian group.
  7. (computing) One of the basic elements making up a text file or string: a code representing a printing character or a control character.
  8. (informal) A person or individual, especially one who is unknown or raises suspicions.
    We saw a shady character slinking out of the office with some papers.

Usage notes

A comparison of character and reputation: It would be well if character and reputation were used distinctively. In truth, character is what a person is; reputation is what he is supposed to be. Character is in himself, reputation is in the minds of others. Character is injured by temptations, and by wrongdoing; reputation by slanders, and libels. Character endures throughout defamation in every form, but perishes when there is a voluntary transgression; reputation may last through numerous transgressions, but be destroyed by a single, and even an unfounded, accusation or aspersion.

Derived terms

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Simple English

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Character could mean:

  • Character (persona), a social role
  • Fictional character, a character who exists in a video game.
  • Non-fictional character, usage of a real person in a fictional context
  • Moral character
  • Sacramental character, a Catholic teaching
  • Character structure, personal traits

In symbols:

In accounting and mathematics:

  • Character (income tax), a type of income for tax purposes in the USA

In entertainment:

  • Character (1997 film)
  • Character (album), by Dark Tranquillity
  • Characters (album), by Stevie Wonder
  • Character Options, a toy company
  • The Characters, a book by the Greek philosopher Theophrastus

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