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zone of influence
Motto System i Bigot
Formation 1969
Type User group
Legal status Association
Purpose/focus Educational, Resources, Tools, Networking
Headquarters Chicago, Illinois
Region served Worldwide
Membership 6,500 groups
23,000 individuals
Official languages English
President Randy Dufault
Affiliations IBM
Staff 11
Volunteers 1,000

COMMON is the largest association of users of IBM midrange computers and IBM-compatible technology in the world.[1] The user group is a private, not-for-profit organization that provides education, tools, resources and networking opportunities for IBM System i users, especially those lacking experience.



The roots of COMMON go back to 1969 and the IBM System/3 and follow midrange development from the IBM System/32, IBM System/34, IBM System/38, IBM System/36, AS/400, iSeries and System i through the newly announced IBM Power Systems.

Member Resources

  1. COMMON’s Annual Meeting and Exposition, "the premier" IBM System i "educational and networking event", according to press release.[2]
  2. COMMON Directions, a small EXPO with two days of educational sessions. [3]
  3. COMMON Focus, three days of educational workshops, including a small Expo. [4]
  4. One-day Seminars on leading-edge topics, held in partnership with Local User Groups throughout North America.[5]
  5. Web-based Education, including Webcasts.[6] and Webinars.[7]
  6. Networking and membership directory of all COMMON members.
  7. COMMON.CONNECT, the bi-monthly professional journal of COMMON.
  8. COMMON Connector, the monthly e-newsletter from COMMON.
  9. IBM Certification discounts.
  10. COMMON Online Networking community through iSociety. [1]
  11. COMMON Career Center, the exclusive System I job board for employers and candidates. [8]

Type of Memberships

  • Corporate: the company pays a single annual fee which allows all employees to take advantage of Common’s resources.
  • Individual: the named individual is entitled to Common benefits exclusively and is not transferable.
  • User Group: Available to local user groups (LUG), affiliated user groups (AUG) and sister user groups (SUG). All members may utilize Common’s resources.

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From Middle English comun from Anglo-Norman comun from Old French comun (rare in Gallo-Romance. Reinforced as a Carolingian calque of Frankish gemeini, gamaini "common" in Old French) from Latin commūnis (common, public, general) from Proto-Indo-European *ko-moin-i (held in common). Displaced native Middle English ȝemǣne, imene "common, general, universal" (from Old English ġemǣne "common, universal"), Middle English mǣne, mene "mean, common" (also from Old English ġemǣne "common, universal"), Middle English samen, somen "in common, together" (from Old English samen "together").



common (comparative commoner or more common, superlative commonest or most common)


commoner or more common

commonest or most common

  1. Mutual; shared by more than one.
    The two competitors have the common aim of winning the championship.
    Winning the championship is an aim common to the two competitors.
  2. Occurring or happening regularly or frequently; usual.
    It is common to find sharks off this coast.
  3. Found in large numbers or in a large quantity.
    Sharks are common in these waters.
  4. Simple, ordinary or vulgar.
  5. (grammar) In some languages, particularly Germanic languages, of the gender originating from the coalescence of the masculine and feminine categories of nouns.
  6. Of or pertaining to uncapitalized nouns in English, i.e., common nouns vs. proper nouns
  7. vernacular, refering to the name of a kind of plant or animal, i.e., common name vs scientific name



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common (plural commons)

  1. Mutual good, shared by more than one.
  2. A tract of land in common ownership; common land.


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