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  • In architecture, domicile is a general term for a place of residence or "permanent residence" in legal terms
  • Domicile, A thrash metal band from Manchester, England
  • Domicile (astrology), the "rulership " or "house " of a planetary body. Each planet has its domicile in the sign or signs it rules.
  • Domicile (airline) location where aircrew are centered to staff aircraft. These locations are typically at a scheduled service passenger airline's, cargo airline's, or charter airline's, main focus city or hub in larger metropolitan areas.
  • Domicile (law) is a term that designates the law of a person for purposes of determining certain legal questions such as the ability to invoke the jurisdiction of a Court, or the interpretation of a will. A person may have many places of residence, but may only have one domicile. At birth a person obtains the domicile of their parents, and can change it by foresaking their former domicile and intending to reside indefinitely at a new place in which they are physically and lawfully present. In some people's personal law, a woman obtains the domicile of her husband upon marriage. The law of the domicile will govern the law of inheritance applicable on the death of a person and the matrimonial law governing the property of a married couple wherever that property may be.
  • In product packaging, domicile often refers to the manufacturer information, sometimes located near the UPC or on the side of the package. The domicile can include the manufacturer, distributor, and/or licensee's address, phone number, website, and the country of origin.


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From Middle French domicile.




domicile (plural domiciles)

  1. (formal) A home or residence.
    The call to jury duty was sent to my legal domicile; too bad I was on vacation at the time.

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From Latin domicilium.



domicile m. (plural domiciles)

  1. domicile

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