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Not is the general declarative form of no, indicating a negation of a related statement which it usually precedes. "Not" may refer to:

"Not" as a negative

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See also not, nøt, nót, nốt, Not, and NOT




Etymology 1

From Old Norse hnot.


Inflection for nöt Singular Plural
Common Indefinite Definite Indefinite Definite
Nominative nöt nöten nötter nötterna
Genitive nöts nötens nötters nötternas

nöt c.

  1. nut, a hard-shelled seed
  2. a difficult problem

Etymology 2

From Old Norse nöt, eastern form of naut.


Inflection for nöt Singular Plural
Neuter Indefinite Definite Indefinite Definite
Nominative nöt nötet nötter nötterna
Genitive nöts nötets nötters nötternas

nöt n.

  1. cattle, especially in compounds such as nötkreatur, "cattle animal", or nötkött, "beef"
  2. (archaic) bull
  3. (derogatory) a stupid or slow person

Etymology 3

See nöta.

Verb form


  1. imperative of nöta.

Simple English

The word not negates the meaning of the word or phrase following it.


  • Hot is not cold.
  • They are not going to the store.
  • A fireman is not what James is. means the same as James is not a fireman.
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