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Others may refer to:

In film:

In television:

  • Others (Lost), mysterious inhabitants of a strange island in the South Pacific in the television series Lost
  • The Others (TV series), a 2000 science-fiction series about the paranormal created by John Brancato and Michael Ferris, starring Julianne Nicholson
  • The Others; in the Stargate universe, the Ancients who have achieved Ascension and follow their rules of non-interference
  • The Others, a Andromeda season 4 episode, about two groups caught in an apocalyptic war.

In music:

In literature:

  • The Others (novel), the first book of a 1990-1993 trilogy by Margaret Wander Bonanno, including The Others (1990), Otherwhere (1991) and Otherwise (1991).
  • Others, mythical demonic creatures of ice and snow that live in the far northern regions of the fictional world of George R. R. Martin's fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire.
  • Others: A Magazine of the New Verse, a literary magazine that ran from 1915-1917, edited by Alfred Kreymborg

In comics:

  • The Others (comics), primitive beings in the graphic novel The Age of Darkness, by French comic book artist and writer Caza (Philippe Cazamayou)


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  1. Plural form of other.
  2. Other people.
    I treat others like I treat myself.
  3. Those remaining after one or more people or items have left, or done something else, or been excluded.
    Two decided to hide, the others surrendered.
    I kept two special jars and threw away all the others.




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