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Personality may refer to:

  • Personality psychology is the theory and study of personality types, personality traits and individual differences
  • Personality development, the study of personality development over time
  • Personality disorders, a class of mental disorders that is characterized by long-lasting rigid patterns of thought and actions
  • Personality pathology is characterized by adaptive inflexibility, vicious cycles of maladaptive behavior, and emotional instability under stress
  • Personality quiz, a series of questions (usually multiple-choice) intended to reveal something about the person who answers them
  • Personality tests aim to describe aspects of an individual's character, thoughts, and feelings
  • Personality type refers to patterns of relatively enduring characteristics of behavior and the psychological classification of different types of individuals
  • Personality traits refer to attributes by which people may vary in relative terms, rather than their being divided into absolute types
  • Personality alteration, a theory often associated with cults or brainwashing



  • Cult of personality, political institution in which a leader uses mass media to create a larger-than-life public image
  • Personality rights, consisting of the people to publicity and to privacy


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Coined between 1350 and 1400 from Middle English personalite, from Middle French, from Late Latin persōnālitās.[1]


  • IPA: /ˌpɜrsəˈnælɪti/




personality (plural personalities)

  1. A set of qualities that make a person (or thing) distinct from another.
    The president has a unique personality.
  2. An assumed role or manner of behavior.
    My work PC emulates a Windows (TM) personality.
    In his final act, the comedian takes on a child's personality.
  3. A celebrity.
    Johnny Carson was a respected television personality.
  4. Charisma, or qualities that make a person stand out from the crowd.
    The best contestant shows most personality.
    But over and over / I´ll be a fool for you / 'cause you got personality. (“Personality” by Lloyd Price, 1959)


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Derived terms


  • Notes:
  1. ^personality” in Unabridged, v1.0.1, Lexico Publishing Group, 2006.


Simple English

Personality is what makes a person who they are. For example, a person's usual behaviour which shows what they think and feel is a personality. It may also refer to:

  • Personality psychology - a type of psychology which study about personality.
  • Cult of personality - used in politics for when a leader uses the praises of the media to make all the people think they are the best.

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