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The professional class refers to those individuals identified as professionals. Individuals in this particular group commonly distinguish themselves from other social groups by obtaining graduate degrees and holding highly specialized occupations [1]. Examples of such professions include academics, architects, engineers, some types of lawyers, accountants, physicians, dentists, pharmacists, registered nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, psychologists, sociologists, social workers, some non-corporate business-owners, economists, political scientists and other so-called "hard" scientists [2][1]. Persons of this group are most likely members of the upper middle class and tend to maintain comfortable incomes.[3] The term is arguably applied to those members of the upper middle class who are not grouped in the managerial class. In the US the upper middle class could arguably divided along sociopolitical lines, between the rather conservative managerial class and the professional class, which tends to be more liberal in terms of their political beliefs as well as tastesTemplate:Fact.

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professional class

professional classes

professional class (plural professional classes)

  1. A social and economic demographic, commonly identified as part of the upper middle class.
  2. (plural) the groups in society composed of highly educated professionals.


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