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Roma may refer to:

  • Other toponymy
    • Roma, Queensland, a town in Australia
    • Puerto Roma, Ecuador, a town in Ecuador
    • Roma, Botoşani, a town in Romania
    • Roma, Sweden, a town in Sweden
    • Roma, Texas, a town in the United States
    • Roma, Lesotho, a town where the National University of Lesotho is situated
    • Colonia Roma, a neighbourhood in Mexico City
    • Roma Island, an island in Maluku, Indonesia
  • Acronym ROMA
    • ROMA, Representational Oligonucleotide Microarray Analysis, a genomics technology
    • ROMA, (ancient Rome) Latin for: Radix Omnia Malorum Avaritia. (English, The root of all evil is avarice.) A secret criticism of Rome by Christians toward the end of the fourth century C.E.

See also

  • Roma rice, an Italian cultivated variety of rice particularly suitable for risotto
  • Roma tomato, a plum tomato commonly found in supermarkets
  • Tony Roma's, chain restaurant


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From Latin rōmānus.


romà m. (feminine romana, masculine plural romans, feminine plural romanes)

romà m.
romana f.

romans m.
romanes f.

  1. Roman


romà m.
romana f.

romans m.
fstemes f.
romanes f.

romà m. sg. (feminine singular romana, masculine plural romans, feminine plural romanes)

  1. Roman

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