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  1. (pathology) typhoid fever

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Other unrelated diseases with a similar name are typhus and paratyphoid fever

Typhoid, also called typhoid fever, is an illness caused by the bacterium Salmonella Typhi. The disease is spread through water which has the bacteria of the disease in it. The disease lasts between two weeks and a month. Patients suffer from being very hot. Typohid can be treated with antibiotics. If no treatment is done, between one and three out of every ten patients die.

There are estimations, or guesses, of 400 cases a year in the United States, and 21 million cases around the world.[needs proof]

Typhoid causes a steady fever of at least 103-104 degrees F (39-40 degrees C). Also, it can cause stomach pains, headache, being delirious (restless, excited, seeing things), and not being hungry. In some cases, flat, pink colored spots show up on the patient's body.

It usually lasts at the most up to one month if it is not treated. However in the Indian Sub continent this is one of the diseases that happens most due to poor sanitation and lack of basic hygiene.

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