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working class

working classes

working class (plural working classes)

  1. The social class of those who perform physical work for a living, as opposed to the professional or middle class, the upper class, or others.

Coordinate terms



working class (working-class before noun)

  1. Relating to the working class; suggestive of the working class in manner of speaking, outlook, appearance or other qualities.



Usage notes

The term working class is often used according to cultural rather than strict socio-economic criteria. It can be politically charged or neutral. Similarly, it can be derogatory, neutral, or positive.

Simple English

in Charleston, West Virginia.]]

Working class is a term used to describe people in society who have jobs which are not academic or highly paid. They are usually jobs which are physical, especially when they are paid an hourly wage.

Different societies will have different ideas about what "working class" is. People started talking about the working class after industrialization in the early 19th century. Karl Marx wrote about the working class.

Working class contrasts with middle class and upper class.

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