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From zzz, a cartoon depiction of snoring; compare zs.




  1. (slang) Sleep.
    • 2002, The Doctors Book of Home Remedies
      The harder you try to sleep, the greater the chances you'll end up gnashing your teeth all night rather than stacking some Zzzs.
    • 2006, Joanne V Lichten, How to Stay Healthy and Fit on the Road
      When you want to catch some zzzs, carry foldable eye shades, foam or silicone ear plugs, an inflatable neck pillow...
    • 2009, Here's a brainy idea - how about a little music? (in the Toronto Star, 20 January 2009)
      Despite legendary high-achieving short sleepers, including Bill Clinton and Margaret Thatcher, going without zzzs is far more likely to make you fat, grumpy and ineffective than to get you a promotion or a Nobel Prize (or help you keep your current job).


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