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===3-Dimensional Services Group Corporate Profile===

The 3-Dimensional Services Group is comprised of 3-Dimensional Services, Urgent Plastic Services and Urgent Design & Manufacturing. All three companies are full-service engineering, design and rapid prototyping firms that specialize in producing prototype parts and limited production runs for industries such as military, automotive, furniture, medical, communication, biomedical research, household appliances, packaging and toys. Embracing and utilizing the most current technologies available, the group provides customers with capabilities such as: CAD terminals that have the capability for surface and solid modeling; computer data transfer information equipment to receive and send information immediately; rapid prototyping equipment including stereolithography, laminated object manufacturing, laser sintering and metal lamination to produce working solid part replicas; laser processing to cut, weld, drill, surface treat and assemble; waterjet and EDM technologies for cutting, CNC machining centers for power, speed and accuracy; stamping and forming presses for parts fabrication, including hydroforming and exotic metal stamping; injection molding machines to 1000 ton; assembly operations to accommodate up to sizes for vehicle frame and chassis; and a pattern and model shop to create diverse molding applications. Highlights of the company’s history include:
  • Company founded in 1992. Started with five employees
  • One of the first applications of laser systems was cutting 3/8” thick armor plate for law enforcement vehicles.
  • In cooperation with Michigan State University, company developed and manufactured portable natural grass playing surfaces in 1992 for use at indoor

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    World Cup soccer matches. Product is designated Turfbox Pallet System. From concept to completion, over 1,000,000 pounds of steel were processed in three months.
  • Incorporated an in-house pattern and model shop for casting and molding applications
  • 1995 expansion doubled floor space. Additional equipment included expanded machining and laser processing capabilities plus forming systems. Employment increased to over 150 people.
  • Shortly after expansion, ceiling was raised and foundation set to accommodate acquisition of 7000 ton stamping press, joining a host of other, varying capacity presses and press brakes.
  • Achieved ISO 9001 certification in only eight months, approximately ½ the average time for design and manufacturing firms.
  • 1997 formed Urgent Plastic Services to handle prototyping plastic components.
  • Complete CAM capabilities to process prototype parts from concept to final product, including quality assurance, laser systems, CNC machining and rapid modeling programming are utilized.
  • Achieved QS-9000 compliant certification in August 1998.
  • Formed Urgent Design & Manufacturing in 2000, a full-service engineering, design and rapid prototyping firm with specialty in assembly and fabrication/ forming.
  • Establish weld analysis center and proprietary hydroforming systems in 2001.
  • 2004 facilities expansion to bring the total to over 250,000 sq.ft. of prototype and low volume production capability and capacity with over 250 employees.
  • Established European office in 2005 to service extended global market.

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    3-Dimensional Services Group
    2547 Product Drive
    Rochester Hills, MI 48309
    Ph. 800.959.0804
    Fax. 248-852-2110


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