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Survivor: Pearl Islands
Filming location Pearl Islands, Panama
Winner Sandra Diaz-Twine (6-1)
Original run September 18, 2003
– December 14, 2003
Filming dates June 23, 2003
– July 31, 2003
No. of episodes 14
No. of days 39
No. of survivors 16
Tribes      Drake
     The Outcasts
All-Stars Rupert Boneham
Fans vs. Favorites Jon "Jonny Fairplay" Dalton
Heroes vs. Villains Sandra Diaz-Twine,
Rupert Boneham
Season chronology
Previous Survivor: The Amazon
Next Survivor: All-Stars

Survivor: Pearl Islands (also broadcast as Survivor: Pearl Islands — Panama) is the seventh season of the United States reality show Survivor. It was filmed in 2003 and debuted in the United States on CBS on September 18, 2003.

The show takes place on the Pearl Islands, off the coast of Panama, and had a pirate culture theme. The two original tribes were Drake (named for Sir Francis Drake) and Morgan (named for Henry Morgan). Eventually the two were merged into the Balboa tribe (named after an injured snaked Rupert found and used as a mascot for the Drake tribe).

This season was the most watched since the second installment of Survivor, Survivor: The Australian Outback, in part to unique twists, including the controversial Outcast twist, and colorful, memorable contestants such as Rupert Boneham and Jon "Jonny Fairplay" Dalton.

Office clerk Sandra Diaz-Twine defeated Scoutmaster Lillian "Lill" Morris in a landslide 6-1 vote.

Survivor: Pearl Islands was released on DVD on February 7, 2006.

Pearl Islands has been represented in three of the four succeeding seasons that featured returning contestants. Rupert Boneham returned to the Pearl Islands for Survivor: All-Stars, placing 4th. Jon "Jonny Fairplay" Dalton briefly participated in Survivor: Micronesia, before getting voted out in the first episode. While neither won either of these seasons, Boneham did win $1,000,000 in Survivor: America's Tribal Council, a few days after the All-Stars finale. Boneham again returned to Survivor with Pearl Islands winner Sandra Diaz-Twine to participate in Survivor: Heroes vs. Villians, which will air beginning in February 2010.



The start of the game was announced as a surprise to the contestants, who were told that they would be participating in the clothes on their backs, most believing they were getting publicity shots prior to the contest, and that no additional supplies would be given to them. The contestants were split into the two tribes, Morgan and Drake, and given their running shoes, a small bag of money and a map to a nearby village where they would could use the money to barter for what they believed were essential goods for survival as well as a boat trip to their beach, and were told to swim the rest of the way. Drake, thanks in part to Sandra's ability to speak Spanish and Rupert's idea to steal the abandoned shoes of Morgan and use them as bartering goods, was able to secure a large number of items, while Morgan did not plan as well. A twist revealed for this season sent one player from the tribe winning reward to steal one item from the other tribe's camp. Morgan lost most of the initial Reward and Immunity challenges, leaving them three players down and with fewer items to work with at camp. During this time, Osten, a member of Morgan, began to express his desire to quit the game.

With Drake apparently set to continue to win, Burton concocted a plan to throw the fourth Immunity challenge in order to get rid of the tribe's weaker players such as Trish and Christa. Though Rupert and others felt this was a bad idea, they went through with it anyway, purposely allowing Morgan to win. In a twist, Jeff Probst revealed that Morgan won the right to "kidnap" one Drake member through the next Reward challenge, and Morgan quickly selected Rupert. As a result, Burton was voted out at Drake's first tribal council. The shift in power lead to Morgan winning the next two Immunity challenges and leaving the tribes equal, five members a piece.

Upon arrival at their next challenge, the tribes found that another twist face them, as the six voted-off players were returned to the game as an "outcast tribe". In the subsequent challenge, the outcasts tribe beat out Morgan and Drake; both would be required to vote off a player at separate tribal councils, while the outcasts tribe would vote in two players to return to the game in their place. Osten used this opportunity to quit the game at tribal council. Jeff Probst expressed open disgust at Osten's decision to quit. The outcasts tribe selected the Lil and Burton to return to the game, both, by chance, returning to their original tribes but having immunity at the next tribal council. While Burton made up with his former tribe, Lil's return was resented by Andrew and other Morgan members.

The next day, the two tribes merged into Balboa, a name given to a sea snake that Rupert had found and tried to nurse back to health but failed. The tribe moved to Drake's beach. Burton and Rupert managed to gain individual immunities, and, along with Lil's resentment, helped to voted out former Morgan members Andrew and Ryan O., gaining the numbers for the former Drake. Jon and Burton began seeing Rupert as a physical threat for challenges, and conspired to vote him off, irking Rupert's alliance members Sandra and Christa. In the next reward challenge, where family and loved ones of the contestants were brought to the islands, Jon had conspired weeks before with his best friend to play the tale of a "dead grandmother", hoping to use it to gain sympathy. Though Sandra saw through the lie, Jon successfully convinced the other players, forcing them to give up the reward to Jon and then having to spend one night on Morgan's old beach while Jon and his friend hung out alone, celebrating the lie's success. Jon and Burton continued to conspire against the remaining women players, voting off Tijuana and Christine. With five players remaining, Burton won a car reward and took Jon with him away from camp. This allowed Sandra, Lil, and Darrah to hatch a plan to vote off Burton by having Sandra act as if the next vote was a foregone conclusion for her elimination. Burton and Jon dismissed the chance the woman were working against them, and to his surprise, Burton was voted off at the following tribal council, leaving Jon in a scramble to try to win back any of the women's favor. The following immunity challenge included yet another twist, as though it was a trivia contest, the current jury played as a fifth challenge, and effectively denied any of the remaining players immunity. Darrah was voted off, leaving Jon, Lil, and Sandra as the final three.

During the final immunity challenge, Sandra fell out early, allowing Jon to try to convince Lil to take him to the final two. Lil refused, and outlasted Jon, winning immunity. Lil struggled with her decision of who to take to the final tribal council but ultimately selected Sandra. During the final tribal council, Lil's behavior during the game was contrasted with what people expected of a scoutmaster, questions Lil could not easily answer. Sandra was voted the Sole Survivor on a vote of 6-1. In the subsequent reunion show, it was revealed that if Lil had taken Jon to the final two, she likely would have won.


Contestant Original Tribe Merged Tribe Finish Total Votes
Nicole Delma
24, Hermosa Beach, CA
Morgan 1st Voted Out
Day 3
Ryan Shoulders
23, Clarksville, TN
Morgan 2nd Voted Out
Day 6
Lillian "Lill" Morris
Returned to game as Outcast
Morgan1 3rd Voted Out
Day 91
Burton Roberts
Returned to game as Outcast
Drake1 4th Voted Out
Day 121
Michelle Tesauro
22, Pittstown, NJ
Drake 5th Voted Out
Day 15
Trish Dunn
42, Annapolis, MD
Drake 6th Voted Out
Day 18
Shawn Cohen
28, New York City, NY
Drake 7th Voted Out
Day 19
Osten Taylor
27, Boston, MA
Morgan Quit
Day 19
Andrew Savage
39, Chicago, IL
Morgan Balboa 8th Voted Out
Day 21
Ryan Opray
30, Los Gatos, CA
Morgan 9th Voted Out
1st Jury Member
Day 24
Rupert Boneham
39, Indianapolis, IN
Drake 10th Voted Out
2nd Jury Member
Day 27
Tijuana Bradley
26, St. Louis, MO
Morgan 11th Voted Out
3rd Jury Member
Day 30
Christa Hastie
24, Los Angeles, CA
Drake 12th Voted Out
4th Jury Member
Day 33
Burton Roberts
31, San Francisco, CA
The Outcasts 13th Voted Out
5th Jury Member
Day 361
Darrah Johnson
22, Liberty, MS
Morgan 14th Voted Out
6th Jury Member
Day 37
Jon "Jonny Fairplay" Dalton
29, Danville, VA
Drake 15th Voted Out
7th Jury Member
Day 38
Lillian "Lill" Morris
51, Cincinnati, OH
The Outcasts Runner-Up1 10
Sandra Diaz-Twine
29, Fort Lewis, WA
Drake Sole Survivor 0
The Total Votes is the number of votes a castaway has received during Tribal Councils where the castaway is eligible to be voted out of the game. It does not include the votes received during the final Tribal Council.

^1  Lillian Morris and Burton Roberts were brought back into the game on Day 20, so they are both listed as having placed in two different points in the game. The tribes they were briefly in upon their return were the same tribes they were originally in.

The game

Episode title Air date Challenges Sent Eliminated Vote Finish
Reward Immunity
"Beg, Barter, Steal" September 18, 2003 None2 Drake None Nicole 7-1 1st Voted Out
Day 3
"To Quit or Not to Quit" September 25, 2003 Drake Drake Sandra Ryan S. 5-2 2nd Voted Out
Day 6
"United We Stand, Divided We... ?" October 2, 2003 Drake Drake Christa Lillian 5-1 3rd Voted Out
Day 91
"Pick a Castaway... Any Castaway" October 9, 2003 Drake Morgan Trish Burton 5-2 4th Voted Out
Day 121
"Everyone's Hero" October 16, 2003 Morgan Morgan Andrew Michelle 6-1 5th Voted Out
Day 15
"Me and My Snake" October 23, 2003 Drake Morgan Jon Trish 4-2 6th Voted Out
Day 18
"What the...?, Part 1" October 30, 2003 The Outcasts3 None Shawn 4-1 7th Voted Out
Day 19
Osten No
Day 19
"What the...?, Part 2" November 6, 2003 None5 Burton
Andrew 6-4 8th Voted Out
Day 21
"Shocking! Simply Shocking!" November 13, 2003 Rupert
Rupert Ryan O. 8-1 9th Voted Out
Day 24
"Swimming With Sharks" November 20, 2003 Burton
(Jon)8, Lillian
Burton Rupert 5-2-1 10th Voted Out
Day 27
"The Great Lie" November 26, 2003 Jon Darrah9 Tijuana 5-2 11th Voted Out
Day 30
"Would You Be My Brutus Today?" December 4, 2003 Darrah, Lillian,
Darrah Christa 4-2 12th Voted Out
Day 33
"Mutiny" December 11, 2003 Burton
Darrah Burton 3-2 13th Voted Out
Day 361
"Flames and Endurance" December 14, 2003 None Jury10 Darrah 3-1 14th Voted Out
Day 37
Lillian Jon 1-0 15th Voted Out
Day 38
"Reunion" December 14, 2003 Jury Vote Lillian 6-1 Runner-up1
Sandra Sole Survivor
In the case of multiple tribes or castaways who win reward or immunity, they are listed in order of finish, or alphabetically where it was a team effort; where one castaway won and invited others, the invitees are in brackets.

^2  There was no Reward Challenge and was not yet known to the castaways.

^3  This was not actually a reward challenge, but what the Outcasts won was a chance to get voted back into the game.

^4  There was no Immunity Challenge for this episode.

^5  There was no Reward Challenge for this episode due to The Outcasts' Tribal Council.

^6  Burton and Lillian were given automatic immunity for the next Tribal Council as a reward for having been voted back into the game by the Outcasts. Both were still allowed to compete in the Immunity Challenge, which Burton won. As he would still be immune, Burton passed the immunity necklace to Rupert at Tribal Council before voting commenced.

^7  Rupert won reward, but gave it to Burton.

^8  Burton and Lillian won reward. Burton gave Jon his reward, while Lillian kept hers.

^9  Burton originally won immunity, but he lost it when Jeff Probst realized he'd missed a misspelled word ("liaison"). Because of this, a runoff between those not already eliminated was conducted; Darrah eventually won immunity.

^10  The immunity challenge was a trivia competition, and the five members of the Jury were allowed to compete as a team against the four remaining players. The Jury won immunity, meaning that none of the four remaining players had immunity for that vote.

Voting history

Original Tribes The Outcasts Merged Tribe
Episode #: 1 2 3 4 5 6 711 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Reunion
Eliminated: Nicole
7/8 votes
Ryan S.
5/7 votes
5/6 votes
5/7 votes
6/7 votes
4/6 votes
4/5 votes
No vote12
6/10 votes
Ryan O.
8/9 votes
5/8 votes
5/7 votes
4/6 votes
3/5 votes
3/4 votes
1 vote
1/7 votes
6/7 votes
Voter Vote
Sandra Burton Michelle Trish Shawn Andrew Ryan O. Jon Tijuana Lillian Burton Darrah Jury Vote
Lillian Nicole Osten Darrah Returns Andrew Ryan O. Rupert Tijuana Christa Burton Darrah Jon
Jon Burton Michelle Rupert Shawn Andrew Ryan O. Rupert Tijuana Christa Lillian Darrah Sandra
Darrah Nicole Ryan S. Lillian Jon Ryan O. Rupert Burton Christa Burton Lillian Sandra
Burton Christa Returns Andrew Ryan O. Rupert Tijuana Christa Lillian Sandra
Christa Burton Michelle Trish Shawn Andrew Ryan O. Darrah Tijuana Lillian Sandra
Tijuana Nicole Ryan S. Lillian Jon Ryan O. Rupert Burton Lillian
Rupert Kidnap13 Michelle Trish Shawn Andrew Ryan O. Darrah Sandra
Ryan O. Nicole Ryan S. Lillian Jon Christa Sandra
Andrew Nicole Ryan S. Lillian Jon
Osten Nicole Ryan S. Lillian
Shawn Burton Michelle Trish Jon
Trish Burton Michelle Rupert
Michelle Christa Shawn
Ryan S. Nicole Osten
Nicole Ryan S.

^11  Both tribes lost a challenge to the Outcast Tribe composed of the first 6 departed players; as a result, both tribes had to vote out a player.

^12  Osten chose to quit the game, claiming that his body was breaking down and his health was more important to him than a million dollars.

^13  Rupert abstained from the vote, as he was captured by Morgan.

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Andrew M. Savage (born July 29, 1963) is a Chicago attorney, and a former contestant on the TV show Survivor.

Early Life and Education

Born in Utica, New York, Andrew currently resides in Chicago with his wife, Stephanie (who is originally from the island of Mauritius), and their two daughters, Mackenzie, 5, and Skyleur, 3. He is currently employed as an intellectual property attorney at a major Chicago law firm. Savage and his wife previously owned an import/export company in South Africa. Savage earned a Juris Doctorate in law from the University of Cincinnati. His three favorite hobbies are rugby, cross-training and playing with his wife and kids. He describes himself as athletic, adventurous and ambitious. He is most proud of the fact that he met and married his soul mate and fathered two angelic girls. He is also proud of his brother, John, a singer/songwriter who has topped the charts on MP3 for his self-titled 1998 release, "John Savage" (a new release is due in the Fall of 2003). His hero is Nelson Mandela because he feels he is the truest sole survivor. In Savage's words, "President Mandela outwitted, outplayed and outlasted a troubled nation decimated by racism to eventually lead the country down the path to equality." He feels he's up for SURVIVOR: PEARL ISLANDS because of his intelligence, athleticism and ability to get along with everyone in emotionally charged situations.


As a contestant on Survivor Pearl Islands, Andrew is proclaimed as the leader of the Morgan Tribe. When Lillian Morris lost Morgan's last fishing hook, their alliance was strained and Lil was voted out. After Morgan kidnapped Rupert Boneham, Andrew and Rupert developed a small bond with each other. Rupert helped Morgan win their first reward challenge and went back to Drake immediately. Andrew became the only Morgan member for the right to loot the other tribe's camp. When Jon Dalton came to loot the Morgan camp after Drake won the Reward Challenge, he talked about Burton Roberts plotting to throw the 4th Immunity Challenge, Andrew replied, "I think that's just nonsense and I think it's bad sportsmanship for him, the little bastard, to indicate that we didn't, fair and square, win that challenge, so I don't think they did throw it. It's rediculous." At the 6th Immunity Challenge, he endured holding a bar carrying 180 pounds of rocks in each 20-pound bag and never dropped out. After Christa Hastie, dropped out and Morgan winning immunity, and exhausted Andrew collapsed to the ground.

On Day 19, the two tribes were shocked to see the third tribe consisting of castaways who had been previously voted out. The Outcasts defeated Morgan and Drake at the challenge. At Morgan's 4th visit to Tribal Council, Andrew claimed that Osten Taylor decided to quit because of health issues. Lil's return sparked Andrew's demise. When the tribes merged into one. Burton hatched a plan to turn Lil against the other tribe. When Andrew found out, he tried to force Lil away from the Drake alliance, but Rupert caught him red-handed. In the end, Lil betrayed her former Morgan members and Andrew was voted out.

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