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Brendon Robert Wright, born December 7 1989, better known as B.Rite, is an Australian electronic musician who had small success in late 2005 with the single Did You Know and his debut album, Make A Difference. Since then he has had small success with his two album releases and further singles. His third album, No Frills, No Thrills, is expected for release sometime in mid-late 2008.

He has sold over 1000 CD singles and albums from his independant music label, BML since his debut, all of the writing, recording, producing, photography, music, video's and distrubition of the CD's is entirely comosed by Brendon himself and a handful of other staff. He has also had some success producing the 2007 single Phone Conversations by the artist Ratna, selling over 250 copies of the single and 100 of his album Lockdown Procedure.

Early Career

At a young age Brendon showed a strong interest in songwriting and creating music, usually doing this with a keyboard. He once stated that he wrote about 150 songs between 1997-2004. Adding further to this with his two studio albums.

After encouragement from co-workers and friends who had read some of his material, Brendon started to record demo's on his home computer during mid 2005 and worked on writing over 50 different songs for a possible release.

Make A Difference 2005-2006

In August 2005 he founded his own recording label, BML Records and he set about to record some of his written words into actual songs. He recorded Did You Know in September 2005 and whilst still studying at school and working at a local supermarket, promoted it and eventually sold around 500 copies of the signle during October 2005-Jan 2006. He then started recording more of his songs and released his debut album, Make A Difference in December 2005, which he sold for AU$15.00 to his work colleagues and school peers selling around 100 copies and making himself a small fortune that was spent on buying instruments and new recording software for a re-release of his album in higher quality formats.

In late December 2005, No Sweat his second single was released which only sold around 50 copies and his success became limited thereafter. Beat On Your Back and Pop The Club followed as third and fourth singles respectively to lower restults, and then a re-mastered version of Did You Know was released in April 2006, it sold better than its predecessor and shortly after a re-mastered No Sweat and album was released to higher sales. I Wanna Dance became a fifth and final single to minor results.

To help promote the album, Brendon's official MySpace page was created in May 2006. The page was deleted in February 2007 for unknown reasons.

N.O.D.N.E.R.B 2006-2007

During mid 2006, B.Rite wrote some more mature lyrics for a second album and started experimenting with heavier beats, guitar riffs and synthisizers rather than just a drum beat with an electronic background.

In October 2006 I Know U Want It was released as the lead single and earned good reviews from friends. A music video was made on his myspace page and was later added to YouTube, along with the Did You Know video. The single sold around 200 copies and brought him back to local popularity. The sexual overtone was an attempt to mature his image as his previous releases were "fun" rather than "serious".

N.O.D.N.E.R.B, his second album was released in November 2006, less than a year after Make A Difference. Album sales were very slow and he eventually sold only 40 copies for $15.00 before deciding to take a break and try to land a major recording contract in early 2007, however he failed to receive a contract and focused on producing other local artists rather than his own. Before his decision to stop recording and promoting, he released the dance track Play It Cool and the rock friendly, self-hating Not Happy in early 2007, the singles only sold around 10 copies each, little to his dismay.

Current Projects

During early 2007 he produced the debut album, Lockdown Procedure from the electronica artist Ratna, along with its singles has sold around 500 CD's before he took another break from his music career.

In August 2007 he left his part-time at a supermarket and worked part-time at a takeaway shop until early 2008.

A rumored album No Frills, No Thrills, is expected to be released sometime in mid-late 2008 with a new MySpace page opening soon. He has confirmed that new tracks have been written and some recorded.




  • Did You Know (2005)
  • No Sweat (2005)
  • Beat On Your Back (2006)
  • Pop The Club (2006)
  • I Wanna Dance (2006)
  • I Know U Want It (2006)
  • Play It Cool (2007)
  • Not Happy (2007)
  • In This Club (2007)

  • Studio albums

  • Make A Difference (2005)
  • N.O.D.N.E.R.B (2006)

  • Other albums

  • Raw Material: The Mixes (2007)

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