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== Christian Command ==


Christian Command for mIRC was created by Wyatt Houtz(TheLight) in about April 1997.

Wyatt's Haven of Bliss

Christian Command is a FREE addon to the IRC Chat program called mIRC. Christian Command is a chat program that has many christian resources right at your finger tips. Including a built in bible look up utility, and many other resources for fun or serious ministry tools. This focused on helping you incorporate the bible into your chatting fun.

Christian Command was written and maintained by Wyatt Galen Houtz and is hosted at Wyatt's Haven of Bliss


The first time that I ever used a computer was at school in the Spring of 1996, and by the end of the year I had single-handedly crashed the new $100,000.01 computer system at school and had erased half the users. It was scary talking to the principle everyday with the threat of expulsion hanging over my head. The system was not as secure as I believed it to be, but I learned the hard way of the power of hacking. By the end of that year my family decided to buy me a computer so I wouldn't damage the school's. I thought that computers were awesome and I even befriended some computer nerds at school to learn more about them. In November 1996, I went on the internet for the first time. It was America online, and I was the happiest little boy you could ever imagine.

America Online did not work for me, so I began to get disappointed with the whole thing. Busy signals, limited access and just a bunch of Rhetoric. So, I changed to a local internet provider, and was stranded without a chat program to chat on. Fortunately, one of my computer friends knew of a chat program that was pretty cool. I was like "okay whatever," and I tried it just because I was desperate, and to my surprise, I discovered mIRC; the best chat program ever created. (that was about Nov 30th, 1996.)

Well, I started talking to different people and started getting into the chatting experience, and quickly found myself ..addicted to mirc, and I didn't care. I had many nights that I stayed up to like 7am chatting to people that I had no idea who they were. This is about the time that I had noticed C-Script. A very clean and comprehensive script that caries the label of Christian. I tried it out, and fell in love with it. I didn't really care for all the features and what not. They were hard to understand and I had no need for them, but I still liked it. It brought a lot more interest in mIRC into my life.

Eventually I met SethD the creator of the thing, and was like, "Wow you're the mack!" Just like everyone else -- I guess, but eventually I started to customize the script and change it little by little, until one day... I decided that I hated it and deleted it. I don't remember the exact reasons. That was when I decided that I was going to write my "own" script. I reinstalled C-Script and started rewriting it so I could learn how to script, then I totally deleted the thing again, just to spite it.

The next day, I went and told SethD that I was going to make another script. He was like "That's nice, now go away." So that really turned me on, and I started working on the best Christian Script out there. I knew that I could make something better and more fun. At the time, it was just a normal script with a couple popups. Nothing to look amiable at. It was not until later that I officially declared it as a ministry / entertainment script. I was proud of it and I started to think about releasing it.

In the early days of Christian Command, it was a rough and wild program. It went to such extents as to have nick change floods. It was a rather pathetic meager thing. I had a few of C-Scripts Features in it too, such as /code and/decode. It took me until version 2.4 to get just about all of that out of the script. CC is now 100% rip and flood free. It started to shape up eventually, and I released version 1.0. It was an awful script. It had no events, raw, or ctcp anything in it. It sucked.

No one really cared about the thing and I was lucky if I had 10 people use it. About this time, I just started to understand what was going on and started with simple on 1:text stuff. I hired Tasukaru, and Starflyer59 as beta testers, and we worked at it for a while, and eventually came out with Christian Command v2.1 - The first working version of christian command. It was a lot better but it was still problematic. People started to notice it this time, and I submitted it to Hawkee and got an 8/20. It was a pour score, but accurate.

As soon as people saw that the script was christian their immediate reactions was, " Look, someone has ripped C-Script." And the truth was that if it was a rip, it would be an embarrasement to C-Script. Since then CC has evolved into an entirely new script. I am greatful for the progress and the popularity of it. Each improving with it's own new versions.

That brings us up to about version v2.71. The newest addition to the CCseries. I have added a few new people to help me with chores for Christian Command. Prophat and [Chewwie] do tons for the script. We have dubbed ourselves the Command Company. And AirKraft (Born Again Network Administrator) has been assembling the Pirch version of CC. Which is now available for download. Thank you.

I hope you enjoyed that soliloquy. I don't hate C-Script, it is an excellent comprehensive script. (I was joking, its all kind of comical, to some extent).

TheLight, CEO of the Command Company

Christian Command for Pirch was created by AirKraft(Brandan Kraft) in December 1997.

As of January 2005, Christian Command has been downloaded over 250,000 times.

-- 15:30, 1 Mar 2005 (UTC)

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